10 Survival Tips for The MidPoint Music Festival

Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival Survival Guide MidPoint Music Festival Survival Guide

Attending a three-day music festival featuring more than 170 bands and thousands of screaming fans in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and Downtown definitely has its challenges. But when you prepare properly, you can eliminate these pitfalls and maximize your enjoyment of the unique experience that is the 12th annual MidPoint Music Festival. The event takes place Thursday, Sept. 26, Friday Sept. 27 and Saturday Sept. 28, 2013, so prepare now with these 10 tips:

1. Secure your keys

Use a lanyard to wear your keys around your neck, or a hair-tie with key ring to wear your keys around your wrist. If you lose your keys at a huge music festival, there’s a very small chance you’ll be able to find them. At best, someone may have picked them up and returned them to the designated lost-and-found area, so be sure to check there. But the best thing to do is prevent the loss of your keys. If you bring a backpack, you can stash them in there as well.

2. Avoid The Small Pocket

You know this small pockets sewn into the regular pocket of your jeans? Do not put anything in there. After reading the tip above, you may be tempted to think of this small pocket as a great place to secure your keys. It’s not. Walking and dancing pushes the contents of this pocket up and out quite easily, so it’s best to leave it empty.

3. Make it Easy for Lost Wallet/Smartphone to Be Returned

Tape a post-it to your phone and/or wallet with your contact information, as well as the numbers of a few people in your group, so if a stranger finds it on the ground they can return it to you easily. You can jot a little friendly message thanking them in advance.

4. Handwrite Phone Numbers For Backup

Write down a few of your friends’ numbers on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet or pocket as backup in case your phone dies.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes

To say you’ll be walking a lot is an understatement. With so many people in attendance, no one’s going to be looking at your feet to see if you’ve got the coolest shoes on. Definitely aim for comfort. When the event’s over, you’ll be so happy you made this decision and you’re not hobbling on cramped, sore feet.

6. Beat Traffic

To beat traffic leaving the event, we suggest you leave 20-15 minutes earlier, or even earlier. Once the show ends, the crowds rushing to the parking lot and shuttle lines will be pulsing with people rushing to get out.

7. Restroom Intelligence

Here’s a really important and useful tip: Before you decide to make your way to the front of a packed stage, please use the restroom. Nothing’s worse than feeling the urge to go while you’re right in front of your favorite band with a sea of people behind you blocking your path to the restrooms. You’ll be so miserable you won’t be able to enjoy the show. So please, make a restroom stop before the band goes on.

8. Be Careful When Sitting Down

Before sitting down anywhere, check for gum or gross liquids. Whenever you get up, check to make sure the contents of your pockets haven’t dropped: make sure you have your keys, wallet and phone.

9. Checklist Before Leaving for the Concert

It takes 10 seconds to stop your whole group before hitting the road or leaving the hotel room each day to confirm that everyone has their ID, ticket, and cell phone with them.

10. Avoid The Stress and Hassle of Traffic and Parking

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