5 Even More Ridiculous Ways to Ask Your Date to Prom

Guarantee You’ll Have a Date with These Fun Prom-posals


cincinnati promposalsThe most exciting time of year for teens is coming up once again. Prom is on its way, one of the most thrilling and nerve wracking nights of every teen’s life. Two years ago, we posted a blog full of fun and whimsical ways that you can ask that special someone to be your date on the biggest night of the year. Now, we have taken some of the best of those ideas and added even more ways for you to make an impression on your high school sweetheart. If you don’t want to go the usual route of flat-out asking your friend or maybe-more-than-friend, try some of these creative ways to ask your potential date to the prom. Some are so ridiculous, one of them is bound to work.  


1.) Prom Pancakes

Who doesn’t like pancakes? If you’re really skilled at pouring the batter, you could try making your friend or romantic interest some pancakes shaped into the letters forming the word “prom.” Stack them on top of each other and bring them over to his or her house—it doesn’t have to be around breakfast time. This idea does not need to end with pancakes. You can pop the question in a number of food related ways. Bake a cake and write the question in icing. Hide a paper with the question inside a muffin or a candy bar for a surprise. They always way that the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.


2.) Make It a Mystery

If you’re asking someone you know fairly well (who wouldn’t mind you opening their locker or using their textbook), snatch one of their books and leave a note instructing them to turn to a particular page. On that page, write, “To find out why I’m doing this, turn to page X.” Continue doing this with other pages until you reach what you feel is a good place to end the mystery. Write the question, “Will you go to prom with me?” on the last page you direct them to. If anything, it will keep them entertained during a boring lecture.  


3.) Be Their Valentine

Though we’re three weeks past Valentine’s Day, some stores may still have Valentine’s Day cards or candy on sale. If you know now who you’d like to ask, take a look at the store clearance shelves and see if you can find a sweet card to give to them. It may be past Valentine’s Day, but who says you can’t express your appreciation for a person after February 14?  


4.) Send a Singing Telegram

Finding an official singing telegram service might be difficult these days. However, if you and a handful of friends are musically inclined, surprising your crush with an impromptu performance made just for her is a playful and memorable way to ask the question. You can break out the guitar or sing in the style of a barbershop quartet. While it might seem like a goofy move, using your talents to ask the big question is a fantastic way to go, and most people will find it charming.


5.) Make a Puzzle

If you and your special someone like getting together on an average night to hang out and play games, you should create a custom puzzle. You can print and image with the words ‘will you go to prom with me?’ and have it cut up into hundreds of tiny pieces. On the next game night you have together, you can spend the night putting together the puzzle. You’ll have so much fun getting to the question that there is no way he/she will say no.


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Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Rosen Georgiev