5 Great Gourmet Restaurants in Cincinnati

Where to Enjoy Delicious Cincy Cuisine Jean-Robert's Table in Cincinnati

When it comes to dining in style, Cincinnati offers a plethora of options that lend themselves to a night out on the town with friends, a date to impress, business associates trying to land a deal, or just about anything you can think of. Consider the top five restaurants in Cincinnati the next time you want to make reservations and really live.


For a place a little out of the way that serves incredible food check out Abigail Street with a full menu of Mediterranean cuisine that will please the palette. Perhaps the most casual of the top spots to head for a great meal in Cincinnati, Abigail Street is nonetheless as much about atmosphere as fine food. Try delights like ricotta with honey, and feast on a main course of lamb ribs with black mission figs. Try something new from the Mediterranean wine bar, and top off your meal with a savory dessert and some Turkish coffee.


If you and your partners in adventure aren’t craving an exotic dining experience, try Senate next door, an upscale but more American-style eatery. Billed as gourmet ‘street food’, you’ll find a menu of less than customary fries and hot dogs, including a Korean dog and Duck Fat Fries. Enjoying a drink at the bar and even sharing with table mates at a community table are highly recommended, as both staff and other diners are incredibly friendly.


For a more romantic setting – and a chance to impress with valet parking – head over to Nicola’s for a traditional Italian menu and the epitome of great service. Try an inventive appetizer such as a buffalo mozzarella Caprese salad, and continue your evening with incredible gnocchi or a blue crab risotto that is to die for. Be sure to save room for espresso and sensational dessert like dark chocolate mousse. Expect confident, knowledgeable servers to make your night complete, but be sure to call ahead for reservations.


If you’re feeling fancy and want to make a night of it by heading downtown, start with a stellar authentic French meal at Jean-Robert’s Table. The menu is extensive to please most palates, and the wait staff creates an atmosphere that makes you feel like royalty with their doting. Try the duck served on grits with green beans and blueberries after a goat cheese appetizer, and if you’ve eaten light enough, try some sorbet and gelato for dessert.

Classic Luxury Urban

Okay, so “classic luxury urban” isn’t exactly a category of cuisine, but we feel it bests describes the classy, old-fashioned atmosphere of Orchids at Palm Court. The small, intimate venue definitely requires reservations, but the décor takes you back to something reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. If you are going light, try the Maine lobster salad, or you can opt for roasted chicken with rosemary gnocchi and shiitake mushrooms. The dessert menu is separate and entirely packed with delectable delights.

Regardless of the occasion or your taste in table etiquette, you can find excellent accommodations throughout Cincinnati. If you’re booking a limousine for the night, just tell the reservationist or your chauffeur your destination of choice and you’ll be whisked away smoothly and safely. Invite friends, family, dates, or coworkers to your favorite impressive venue. You won’t be disappointed, no matter which choice you make. This foodie town is completely at your disposal!

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photo credit: elycefeliz via photopin cc