5 Outstanding Cincinnati Restaurants

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Whether you live in Cincinnati or are just visiting for business, there are a number of exceptional restaurants available throughout the city. Of course, with hundred of different options, you need to know where the very best dining establishments are. This is exactly why you need to check out these five different restaurants. So, whether you are hungry for steak or seafood, a wedge salad or a slice of pizza, there is an option that is going to fit your taste buds and price point.

Morton’s The Steakhouse

441 Vine Street #17

When you want a delicious steak and aren’t afraid to pay a little more for it, Morton’s is one of the best steak options in town. The top selling menu item is the double-cut filet mignon, so whether you are looking for an incredible steak on its own, or if you’d rather opt into the surf and turf, with the combination of mouth watering shrimp, Morton’s The Steakhouse is one of the very top dinner locations in the entire city. Plus, with the substantial wine menu and an extremely knowledgeable staff, you always are able to pair the best choice mean with the wine that is sure to compliment the dish.

Abigail Street

1214 Vine Street

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter than a traditional streak, Abigail Street is the restaurant for you. The signature dish is the Ahi Tuna Napoleon, which is served with a brown butter phyllo, toasted sesame and spicy dijon. The fresh seafood on the menu is enough to satisfy you without you feeling stuffed and over the top. Plus, this is the seventh highest rated Zagat rated restaurant in the entire city, so you know you are receiving not only excellent service, but excellent food in a beautiful restaurant. 


1420 Sycamore Street

If you are looking for something with much more of a French and European style fair to your meal, Nicola’s is the restaurant of choice. The top selling item is the Tagliastelle alls Bolognese, which is going to give you both sweet and savory. Of course, don’t worry about the wine selection, as the offering is so enormous it is often best to discuss your wine preferences with the wait staff and they can tell you what wine not only is going to be the best fit for your meal, but also for your personal pallet as well.

Orchids at Palm Court

35 West Fifth Street

When you want a dinner that is truly originally and yet breathtakingly beautiful and delicious, Orchids at Palm Court is the restaurant for you. Here, the best selling option is the maine lobster salad with organic egg, creme fraiche and caviar cream. The meal is decadent and crafted to bring out both the taste and the color of all of the ingredients, so you are always able to enjoy the best best, yet different, meals found in the entire city. Plus, as the third highest ranked Zagat restaurant in Cincinnati, it boasts both completely different cuisine options and delectable meals as well.

Jean-Robert’s Table

713 Vine Street

This world class burger joint is more than what you would expect from a place slinging out hamburgers. The restaurant takes the burger to a completely different level, and not only is it the highest ranked Zagat restaurant in all of Cincinnati, it is one of the best tasting offerings as well. The most popular menu item is The French Chateau Burger, but make sure to order the waffle fries, as these are sliced so thin you can feel the crunch. 

photo credit: trioptikmal via photopin cc