5 Safety Questions Every Parent Should Ask When Hiring a Winter Formal Limo

How Safe is Your Teen’s Winter Formal Limousine? Winter Formal Limo Safety

Winter Formal is one of the most anticipated events for high school students and it can cause a lot of angst for parents. Selecting the right limousine company to take your teen and friends to the dance can alleviate a lot of stress off of you and the other parents. When selecting the company, ask these 5 questions to help you pick the right one.

Do you do background checks and drug tests on your chauffeurs?

Don’t assume that all limousine companies do this screening. It’s expensive so some companies don’t do it at all or they only do a superficial check. You want to know who is driving the limo and make sure they have a clean history of drug and alcohol abuse. Also, it’s important to make the distinction between a chauffeur and a “driver.” If a company calls them chauffeurs, you can be sure they are held to a standard of service and skill beyond that of just an average driver.

How long has the assigned chauffeur been with the company?

It’s important to know the history of the exact driver who will be driving your kids. Ask if you can meet him, this isn’t always possible but it’s nice to get to know the driver before the night of the Formal.

Does the company have a backup plan if there is an accident or the car breaks down?

Who will come pick up the kids and how long will it take them? What kind of car will they ride in? Also make sure that if there is a last minute change with the driver or vehicle the company knows you need to be made aware of it.

What does the company do if the kids return from the Formal intoxicated?

You want the evening alcohol free but there may be some kids in the group who disobey the ‘no alcohol’ order. Make sure you have a plan set up that allows the driver to take them home or notify the parents immediately.

What will the driver do if the teenagers ask to go someplace you didn’t give permission for them them to go?

The kids may ask the driver to take them someplace you don’t want them to go.
To prevent this from happening and prevent conflicts during the night, tell the kids and the driver where they are allowed to go. Any other places will have to be requested to you by the driver. Also, give the driver the power to tell them no or let him have your number so he can call you directly and get your say in where the kids go.

Determine the kind of communication you want with the driver.

The driver should give you updates throughout the night of where they are and what is going on. Let them know if you want a call or a text message with the updates.

When it comes to the happiness and welfare of your teen there is no such thing as too many questions or dumb questions. Ask what you feel you need to ask because it will give you and the other parents peace of mind and help make a memorable evening for the kids.

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