5 Tips For A Responsible & Fun Night Out

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Cincinnati Limo For A Safe Night Out

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash every 90 seconds. Yet despite the international awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, people still get behind the wheels of cars after having had too much to drink. At A Savannah Nite, we value the experience of a good time and a fun party, but we want everybody to party responsibly. Here are 5 tips to a responsible night out.

1. Have a designated driver.

If you go out drinking with friends, you absolutely must have a designated driver. Make sure this is someone you can trust. You don’t want to your DD to change his or her mind and decide to “have just one” halfway through the evening, when everyone else is already intoxicated. Be sure to return the favor and volunteer to be the designated driver once in awhile. When you hire a Cincinnati limo service, you have a guaranteed safe and sober designated driver.

2. Arrange limo service in advance.

One’s judgement isn’t always the best at the end of a night of drinking, so please arrange your safe, stylish chauffeured ahead of time. To make the night even more memorable, hire the limousine for both ends of the trip. Why not arrive in style and get home safely?

3. Drink lots of water.

By drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic drink, you dilute the effects of alcohol and can sober up more quickly. Even if you have a DD or a pre-arranged limo ride, it’s prudent to avoid over-intoxication.

4. Eat a big meal.

Another way to avoid the effects of alcohol is to eat a big meal before drinking. When your stomach is full, you are less likely to drink as much. Plus, having food in your stomach will absorb some of the alcohol.

5. Have a friend keep your keys.

If you have a history of using bad judgement when you’ve had a few alcoholic beverages, give a friend your car keys before you start drinking. Make sure he or she agrees not to let you have them under any circumstances. As a reward, consider doing the same favor for them in the future, or make sure everybody can have fun by arranging a Cincinnati limo for transportation. That way, everybody in your group can drink, have a good time and eliminate any worry or stress about finding a sober ride home.

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