7 Fresh Ideas for a Spring Bachelorette Party

This blog was originally published in 2014; we have since updated it to reflect the most accurate and relevant information possible. 
Cincinnati Bachelorette Party Ideas

One of the best events that you get to enjoy before you get married is the bachelorette party. If you are getting married during the spring, then this time can be especially fun.

This gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of your last nights as a single lady in style, but it can be difficult to decide exactly what everyone should do. To make your decision easier, we have listed a few fresh ideas for a springtime bachelorette party.

Visit a casino (or three)

Casinos are great places for just about anyone to enjoy. Most casinos offer players free perks while they are at the tables, and even if you aren’t the gambling type, a typical casino will have restaurants, nightclubs, arcade games and other festivities that can make your bachelorette party a night to remember.

Visit a nightclub or go bar hopping

What better way to reminisce about the great times you and your girlfriends had during your college years than to go have a night on the town? Dig through your closet and pull out your best party dress, then stop by a few local bars or go to a local nightclub and party to your heart’s content.

Book a limo service for wherever you go

You should be treated like a queen throughout the entirety of your bachelorette party. To that end, you should book an all night limo or event bus service, complete with champagne, orderves and any other perks that you would like. You and your girlfriends are certain to turn heads when you roll up to your intended destination in a luxurious limousine. Check out Cincinnati’s most exotic fleet of limousines by clicking below.


Have a sleepover

Instead of a girl’s night out, have a girl’s night in. Watching movies, eating snacks, telling fun stories (and yes, pillow fights) should not be out of the question for an enjoyable bachelorette party. You can even include a dated theme to make you really feel the nostalgia of those teenage slumber party nights.

Have a spa day

There are no actual rules regarding when and where you can throw a bachelorette party. That being said, a day trip to the spa would certainly make for a fun bachelorette party. Getting a massage, having your nails done, enjoying a warm sauna and otherwise being pampered is a great way to enjoy your time with the ladies.

Book a set of box seats at a sports game

Another (quasi) daytime activity that would make for a great bachelorette party event is a trip to the local ball game. Even if you don’t like sports, you can still have a great time doing this; not only are there great pregame activities, such as tailgate parties, but you can also enjoy a variety of in stadium events and distractions (many major sports teams have restaurants, bars, arcades and even nightclubs right in the stadium). In addition, box seating can make you forget that you are even at the game (if you choose).

Throw a combined bachelor/bachelorette party

Speaking of breaking traditional bachelorette party “rules”, who ever said the groom to be and his cohorts cannot attend the bachelorette party festivities. For that matter, who ever said that you cannot throw a party alongside of your future husband? To answer that question, nobody. There are plenty of things to do — including a few things on this list — that you could do along side of your husband’s side of the wedding party.

Now it’s time to start planning

Spring is coming soon; regardless of which of the events above you choose you will certainly have a great time. Request a free quote on your Cincinnati bachelorette party limo service from A Savannah Nite by clicking below.