7 Tips For Maximizing Your Kentucky 300 Experience

NASCAR Fan Tips Tips For Kentucky 300 NASCAR

NASCAR’s coming to the Kentucky Speedway on Sept. 21 for the Kentucky 300, and we’ve got a treat for all you NASCAR fans. Whether it’s your first NASCAR event or 100th, the tips we’ve included in this blog will help you maximize the fun and action while reducing the stress, hassle and headaches that can befall you during a day at the track. For more information about the race, including ticket and camping information, please visit the Kentucky 300 website. But don’t forget to read this blog and print out a checklist before you go!

1. Bring a Race Scanner

Whether you want to keep up with your favorite driver, protect your ears from the loud engines or just have a better understanding of what’s going on in the race, definitely invest in a race scanner and headset, like those found here. So much goes on that you don’t see on TV and that you can’t catch from the stands, and only by listening to the scanner will you be able to enjoy it. For the Kentucky 300, you can purchase or rent scanners, radios and driver frequencies at the Kentucky Speedway from vendors on Souvenir Row, located outside Gate 15.

2. Ear Plugs & Sunglasses

If you’re sitting in the lower rows, make sure to bring ear plugs and sunglasses, even if the Kentucky 300 is an evening race. Why? Because you want to protect your eyes from small pieces of debris that can fly up from the track. And the ear plugs are there to protect your ears from the loud engines.

3. Backpack Tips

To make it easier to get through track security, invest in a clear backpack. This allows security to eyeball it without stopping you to dig everything out, meaning you’ll get through more quickly and avoid the headache of repacking. NASCAR sells them at the track, but you can find disposable ones at many stores.

Some essential items to pack are:

  • Camera
  • Small pack of wipes to sanitize porta potties
  • Small pack of tissues (in case the TP runs out in the porta potties)
  • Advil, Tylenol or some other type of pain reliever for the sore muscles you’ll have after walking around

4. A Better Way To Keep Drinks Cold

Instead of packing your cooler with loose ice, freeze your bottles of water to keep them cold without the danger of spillage. You don’t want to accidentally pour melted ice down someone’s neck by accident.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes

We can’t stress this enough — WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. This goes for any event, not just NASCAR. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, and your feet will thank you at the end of the day if you’ve treated them well.

6. Avoid Lines and Crowds

The key to avoiding lines and crowds at the concessions stands and restrooms is proper timing. Right before the race, and during caution periods, concession lines are long. So if you want to get something, find your seats first, then take a trip during the race. You may miss some action, but your concession stand trip will go be much more quickly.

Also, you can go to the restroom or concession stand immediately after hearing them signal caution over the radio, because most people will wait around to see who was in the wreck. They usually stand to see the wreck, so this makes it easier for you to get through the rows.

7. Don’t Waste Time in Traffic

One tip many NASCAR fans have offered is: Get to the race earlier, and stay a little longer before hitting the road. It’s so easy to get sucked into the traffic either going to or coming from the Speedway. Since this is an evening race, bring a pillow and blanket to catch a nap while waiting for traffic to clear at the end of the night. Or better yet — to save yourself even more time and hassle, book a Cincinnati car service to take you and your friends/family/colleagues to and from the race. Not only will you enjoy a safe, comfortable ride, you can also relax while your expert chauffeur deals with the traffic. For a free quote on limo or car service for the Kentucky 300, please click the button below.


photo credit: haglundc via photopin cc