7 Uncommon Ways to Use Limo Service in Cincinnati

Unique Uses For Cincinnati Limo Service Unique Uses For Cincinnati Limo Service

If you’re living the good life and looking to add a little novelty and spice, the Queen City has a lot to offer you. And why not see a little more of it from the luxury of a chauffeured limo? While you might think of limos as the territory of weddings and prom nights, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy their comfort and style.  Consider switching things up with one of these great limo outings:

Throw a progressive dinner

Meet up with friends, and plan a dinner in stages: appetizers here, salads there, a main course at a group favorite, dessert at a new, delectable place in town. In-between each course, kick back in a limo and rate the experience, talk politics or chit-chat, or just enjoy an apértif.

Host a group or a book club

Whether your tastes run to knitting or deep intellectual discussion of the New York Times’ best-sellers list, scheduling your next get-together in a limo is a surefire way to shake things up. Not only do you get to skip out on the house-cleaning (before and after!), but a tour of Cincinnati’s landmarks is a great way to play the tourist in your own home city.

Wow the party

Around the holidays, whether they’re Christmas parties or Fourth of July grill-outs, you can fit plenty of revelry into one day and arrive in style with professional chauffeur services. Even if your family, friends, and coworkers have all scheduled their gatherings for the same day, you won’t have to stress the transportation.

See the winter lights

Whether it’s the gorgeous Christmas decorations popping up in the city throughout the winter months or the breathtaking Leonids meteor showers in November, hop in a limo with thermoses of hot chocolate and plates of fresh gingerbread and head out in comfort to feast your eyes.

Add a touch of romance

First date or thousandth, a limo will make the night special. You can convince your crush that you cherish them, or remind a spouse of a dozen years that your relationship is special. Pair a romantic limo ride with a fine meal and delectable dessert, and settle in for a romantic cruise afterward.

Take your birthday on the road

Why settle for a destination party when you can have handfuls of destinations? Load your party into a limo, and go on a tour of the city’s cafés, bakeries, tapas bars, cocktail lounges, or whatever else you choose – it’s your birthday!

Gift it

If you have a friend who has it all, give an experience instead of an object. Give them a gift certificate for a few hours in a luxury limo, and watch the possibilities light them up.

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