8 Awesome Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Show Mom How Special She Is With A Limo Ride and This…

Everyone is different, and moms are no exceptions. Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It is important to get something that makes your mother feel special, but also something that she will legitimately enjoy.

Here is a list several different and affordable ideas that can give you a shot at nailing that perfect gift for mom:

1. Calvin Klein Eternity Perfume

Eternity is for the mom who wants to feel beautiful.

This particular fragrance emphasizes femininity and is very much appropriate for the season.

The scent has a base of spice, flowers and exotic fruits combined with amber and patchouli.

It is subtle enough for work, but good for an outing with friends or more.

It’s the perfect thing to give your mother to let her know that you care, and keep her feeling pretty.

2. Teavana Large PerfecTea Tea Maker II

Most moms love a nice cup of tea, and this is a way for them to get the perfect cup whenever they want.

The unit is clear and has an integrated, removable stainless steel tea strainer for easy cleaning.

It is completely BPA free and totally free for the top rack of the dishwasher. The Teavana makes four 8 oz cups at once, which is ideal if mom is having some company over, or simply wants a pot to drink throughout the day, or maybe enough for a small pitcher with ice for the fridge.

A great gift to be sure.

3. Kensington Proximo Start Kit

This is an amazing innovation, that is practical, and a fun piece of tech for anyone who can appreciate it.

This app-enabled monitoring system can be alerted when you are separated from your phone, keys, handbag or wallet. It is very easy to use, and this starter kit comes with an easy instruction guide.

Everyone misplaces their phone from time to time, and mothers are no exceptions.

The Kensington Pro is a great gadget for tagging important and valuable things, to reduce mom’s stress and give her a neat thing to show off to her friends.

4. Pampering Basket

This gift requires a little bit of thought and some originality, but is always sure to be appreciated.

It is easy to find bath salts, nice lip balms, body sprays and such at most stores, markets and/or pharmacies.

Little soaps, some simple aroma therapy candles or scented wax cubes and the like can be put together fairly inexpensively and coupled with a nice basket or similar container to make your mom feel special.

Collections like this can also be found pre-made, but sometimes it is best to go for that personal touch on Mother’s Day.

Let mom know that you care and want to do something just for her. Don’t be afraid to be original, just think of her, and have the desire to make her happy.

5. Jewelry, Watches, Etc.

If you are unsure what you want to get mom, but you have a little bit of extra cash to spend, jewelry is like a magic wand. Nordstrom has a huge selection, and you can shop by price category in order to find something that is just right for mom.

While this may not be very specific, it does allow for creative flare and gives you a great selection that you can make sure arrives just in time.

6. JewelScent

This is a tremendous gift idea that is functional, decorative and fun. JewelScent has all kinds of candles of different sizes and scents, including gift sets for different times of year and occasions.

Each candle that they sell has a ring inside, and the best part is that the value of the ring is completely random. Each ring’s value will run anywhere from $10 up to $7,500 and you never know what you have until you burn down the candle enough to get to the ring.

They have a very simple system to identify the value of each ring and all of the candles are made from all-natural soy wax.

This is a great gift for almost any mom.

7. Flowers Made Simple

Flowers may come from any florist, but this is a great and easy online solution if you can’t get to a floral shop.

Flowers Made Simple has a great selection of pre-made bouquets for the holiday and will even deliver on the same day as you order.

Flowers may seem so simple, but sometimes keeping it simple is the best solution. Never be afraid to give flowers to your mom. Together with a nice card, she will always feel important and love the fresh bouquet.

8. A Limo Ride to a Nice Restaurant

Everyone loves to eat. And who doesn’t like a ride in a stretch limo while riding through the streets of the city. Cincinnati has some great restaurant options and we can get you there in style for a day that mom won’t soon forget.


We hope that you have gotten some good ideas for your Mother’s Day gift. If anything, pick up the phone and give her a call. Just hearing your voice is sometimes all Mom needs to pick up her day.