A Look at the Savannah Nite Fleet

And a Double Take at Our Special Rides

We have reached the end of the school year and are in the midst of Spring; and soon, Summer.

It is a good time to know what you will be doing for the Summer and who you will be doing it with.

Whatever you are doing, it would be even better from the comfort of a luxury limousine.

In case you don’t know the best that A Savannah Nite Limousine Services has, we wanted to give you a look at just how many options you have to choose from.

Basic Limousines

First, let’s take a look at the basic limousine models which primarily run in black or white.

There are two different White Lincoln Limousines: #30 and #32. The Thirty-two icincy's best limo services a great model equipped with flat screen tv’s, a CD player, a DVD player, bar areas and fiber optic lighting. It is a good and very basic model for luxury riding. The Thirty is a 12 to 14 passenger stretch limo with mirrored ceiling and tinted windows. She has a strobe, fiber optic lighting and neon lights. She is also equipped with flat screen tv’s, a CD player, a DVD player and state of the art technology features.


There are also three black Lbest cincy limo serviceincoln models equipped with seating for up to 10 passengers and with cherry wood bar areas. Fiber optic color changing lighting is an internal feature, along with flat screen tv’s, CD players, DVD players and touch screen controls.



Stretch Limousines

cincy stretch limo service

Next, let’s touch on some of the more spacious and grand models in our fleet, starting with the White Yukon SUV limo which can seat up to 22 passengers. It has a light up floor, sub woofer sound system, a 42 inch plasma TV, bar areas and both a CD player and a DVD player. This model is ideal for weddings.


The Black Excursion Limo has 14 to 16 passenger capacity and 2 toned grey leather seating. It has a lighted, mirrored ceiling with tinted windows, fiber optic, strobe and neon lights and a stereo, TV’s, a CD player and a DVD player. The 5-Door Ford Excursion Limo can seat up to 24 people and has a sub woofer sound system. It has color changing lights, 12 plasma TV’s and a CD player and DVD player. It has a fifth door for easy access for weddings.

cincy car service

One of the best choices is the Cadillac Escalade Super Stretch Limo which can seat up to 20 passengers and is perfect for weddings, proms, birthdays and bachelorette parties. It has a light up disco floor and ceiling, level 3 sound system, a VIP seating area, laser and strobe lights; as well as, IPod hook up, fiber optic lights, neon lights, bar areas, plasma TV’s and a surround sound stereo system. 



Double Take Rides

Savannah Nite is equipped with bus limousines that come in a large variety of colors and styles and are perfect for 30 plus passengers to travel in style and luxury to conventions or for executives. The “D Limo Bus” can seat up to 50 passengers and is a portable dance club, ready with TV’s, DVD and CD players, an IPod connection, bar areas, leather seating and a light up dance floor.

The Black Ford 750 Limo Bus can seat up to 42 passengers and is equipped with leather seating, bar areas, fiber optic lighting, a CD and DVD players, an IPod hookup and flat screen TV’s. cincy party bus

The new Club Savannah is brand new and can seat up to 30 passengers with a light up dance floor, VIP room, bar areas, 5 plasma TV’s, a CD and DVD players, color changing lights and its own bathroom! 


There are some very special choices such as the Green Dodge Charger Limo which seats up to 10 passengers with bar areas, flat screen TV’s, CD and DVD players and sub woofer sound.

Multiple pink limos exist for sweet 16 birthday parties or special all girls night outings!

The “Party Aunique limo rentals cincymbusine” will always make a huge impact upon arrival. This ambulance styled ride seats up to 14 passengers and has TV’s, CD and DVD players, and with light and sirens to sound your arrival, it is one of a kind! 



The 1957 Chevy Bel Air Limo can seat up to 10 passengers, withdescribe the image leather seats, bar areas, TV’s, CD and DVD players and its incredible and classic look, this is an amazing choice for sheer class and/or a wedding. Keep in mind that sedans and luxury SUV’s are available in non “stretch limousine” styles as needed.


Take a look at our entire fleet and let us know which is your favorite in the comments.