A Look Inside Your Prom Limo

What to Expect from Your Limo on Prom Night


cincinnati prom limosOne of the biggest nights of your life is just around the corner. Prom is coming up soon, and every single teenager dreams of making his/her prom night as perfect as possible. You’ve spent so much time finding the right clothes, the right restaurant, the right group of friends, and, of course, the right date. Now it is time for all of your planning to finally come together. One last detail that you are going to need to have lined up before the big night is your transportation. The best way to get to and from the prom with all of your friends is to rent a stretch limo. Inside a limo, you will find a level of style and comfort that will help make your night as perfect as possible.


It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to ride in a limo. In fact, it’s pretty likely that your prom night will be the first time that you step inside a limousine. You may be wondering what exactly to expect. Television and movies make limousines out to be the height of luxury, and it is true that they can be very luxurious. However, keep in mind that a standard limo from your local car service may not have all the extravagant amenities that you see on TV. It will, however, still have plenty of awesome features to help make your night perfect.




The first feature that you can expect your stretch limo to have is room. The night of your prom is all about celebrating your high school career with your best friends, meaning you probably want to spend as much time as possible with all of them. With a limo’s extensive and comfortable seating, you will be able to fit a group of ten or more people all in one car. From the start of the evening to the finish, you will not need to spend any time away from your friends.




No dance would be complete without some excellent music, and the music does not all need to be provided by your DJ at the dance itself. In a limo, you will find your own sound system that you can control from the back of the car. You will be able to play CDs or hook of your phone, iPod, or MP3 player. There is no better way to get the party started than to put on your own customized playlist. You may even have a better time listening to the music played on the way to the dance than you will listening to the music played by the DJ. You can make sure to hear all of your favorites when you are in charge.




Another fantastic element of limousines is the storage. Most limos come with built in coolers and cup holders. You can bring your own beverages and keep them crisp and cool all night. If you want to toast to the evening with some sparkling grape juice or soda, some limos even provide glassware. In addition to drinks you can store snacks for the road as well as any other items you may decide to bring along.




Lastly, the most important feature of a limousine on your prom night is safety. Prom can be a wonderful evening for teens. However it can also be a very dangerous one. Having a professional driver who will keep you safe on the road will provide you with an evening free of responsibility, and it will also help you parents relax. You can kick your feet up and enjoy being chauffeured around with your friends while knowing that you are in good hands. Your prom will be a fun night free from any danger or accidents.