Avoid Stress on Your Wedding Day

4 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day


stress free weddingYour wedding is the biggest day of your life and for that reason is can also be the most stressful. After months, sometimes even years, or planning, the anticipation can build up into a giant bundle of stress. If you aren’t careful, the stress of your wedding day can turn what should be a happy and joyous occasion into a stressful ordeal. When you walk down the aisle, you should be thinking about all of the wonderful memories you will be creating with your future spouse, not about small details that won’t matter in the long run. By following some of the steps bellow, you can help to avoid stress on your big day so that you will be present in the moment and remember your special day fondly for years to come.


Remember the Big Picture


The most important thing you need to keep in mind when trying to avoid stress on your wedding day is to remember the bigger picture. Ten years down the line, you will not remember the color of your napkins or the fact that your flowers were not quite the right shade of pink. What you will remember is the smile on your spouse’s face and the special moments spent with friends and family as you celebrate the start of a new phase of your life. If you find yourself starting to get upset about small details, remember to take a deep breath and ask yourself if it really matters.


Don’t Do Everything Yourself


Your wedding party is meant to support you with planning and carrying out the vision of your wedding. However, as every bride or groom knows, there are always some people who are more trustworthy than others. Knowing who in your wedding party you can turn to for help and who is simply there for the open bar will help you keep a level head on your big day. Turn to those friends who are most reliable to help you with big tasks that need managing so that you can take the responsibility off your own shoulders and yet still be comfortable knowing that they will be handled.


Lean on Your Fiancé


Old traditions suggest that you should put as much stress as possible between yourself and your finance around the time of your wedding. However, your sanity may be more important than minding old traditions in the long run. Communicating with your fiancé, and even seeing them before the ceremony, can do wonders to relive your stress. Not only will seeing your future spouse remind you of what is really important, it is also helpful to speak to someone who is going through the same stress and anxiety that you are. You will be leaning on each other for the entirety of your marriage, so why wouldn’t you lean on each other on your wedding day as well?


Stay Healthy


Staying healthy should always be a priority, but when you are coming up on a big event like your wedding it becomes even more important. Do not allow yourself to become so busy with planning that you let your mental and physical well-being fall to the wayside. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep; take vitamin supplements; eat well; and try to maintain a steady workout routine, even if it is just taking a walk for a few minutes every day. This will keep you alert and healthy for your big day, and it will also help you to look your best.


Weddings are stressful enough on their own. You do not need to add to your stress and anxiety by worrying about issues that are not important your overall happiness. Focus on the big picture; delegate your tasks to others whom you can trust; lean on your fiancé for moral support; and stay healthy. Following these steps on your wedding day will help you enjoy your day to its fullest.




Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Sharron Goodyear