Best Cincinnati Pub Crawls

This blog was originally published in 2013; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information. 


Book a Chauffeured Car

During pub crawls, a lot of people opt to walk between their destinations, especially if they’re making a trek around downtown Cincy.

However, Cincinnati stays pretty cold until late March, and it’s never good to be out on foot when you’ve been drinking.

Booking car service is the answer to all of these problems.

A chauffeured vehicle, especially a limousine, is ideal for bringing all of your friends on your pub crawl with you. Plus, having a driver relieves you of several stresses. For starters, navigating around is never preferable when you’re trying to squeeze in all the pubs you can before last call.

And you will be eternally grateful for the warm comfort of a chauffeured car if you do your pub crawl on a cold night.

Most importantly, knowing you’ve provided a safe mode of transportation for your group once the night is over is a great feeling. It can only make your experience better.

Find Your Pubs!

Cincinnati has some truly great pubs; you just have to find them:

  • For a great burger and a pint of locally-brewed beer, make sure you stop by Arthur’s in Hyde Park. A local legend, Arthur’s is famous for its list of local brews and its amazing American cuisine. Arthur’s is also great for people-watching, but because it will probably be crowded, and you’ll have to wait to get your drinks, stop by early in your night.
  • Nicholson’s Pub, located downtown on Walnut Street, gets high marks for its twist on the gastropub (a fancy word that means high-quality food). In addition to serving truly upscale cuisines, Nicholson’s offers a long list of local, hand-crafted brews and beers so rare that you’ll be willing to pay the eye-popping prices.
  • Neons Unplugged, also located downtown, is an interesting stop for anyone’s pub crawl. The restaurant has a huge patio with bocce ball, fire pits, and complimentary wood so you can build your own fires. Patrons can even bring their dogs into the restaurant, as long as their canines are well-behaved. If the night is particularly nice, feel free to park it on the patio and enjoy the outside bar.

No matter where you go during your pub crawl, it’s important to stay safe. Don’t choose a transportation option that puts your safety in jeopardy.