Best Cincinnati Tours for Your Visit

The Best Tours Cincy Has to Offer

Cincinnati Car ServiceWhether you are a native or a tourist, you may not have seen everything that Cincinnati has to offer.  What better way to really see the nuts and bolts of The Queen City than with a tour?  This is just a brief list of some of the best Cincinnati, OH tours around:

1.  Arnold’s Brothel’s, Bootleggers and Booze Tour  

  In order to truly appreciate a city, sometimes it is best to see its worst, as well as its best.  The tour starts out at Arnold’s, which is Cincinnati’s oldest continuously operating saloon, originally built in 1838 as a brothel.  The tour is very in-depth and leaves out none of the juicy details before moving on to a walking route that explores a time where Cincinnati and its breweries, distilleries and almost 2,000 saloons made it notorious.  The tour has twists and turns and ends up turning 90 minutes of your Saturday afternoon into a fun and enlightening trip down a very tipsy memory lane.  Additionally, a portion of all proceeds goes to support the non-profit Brewery District Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation and the preservation of Cincinnati’s brewing history.  Just in case you decide to sample some of the stuff on the way, maybe renting a car and driver for the day might be a good plan too.  They are located at 210 East 8th St in Downtown Cincinnati, OH at Arnold’s Bar & Grill.

2. American Legacy Tours

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy one of multiple different tours (some already sold out) all around Cincinnati, OH.  Perhaps you are in the mood for a gangster tour, or maybe something a bit creepier in one of the various haunted tours which they offer.  One of the underground tours might be more to your liking, or if you are a fan of American history, a Civil War tour might be right up your alley.  Different moods and different genres are all available throughout the season all weekend long.  This is ideal for finding that particular chunk of history that really appeals to you, your friends or that special someone.

3. Stonebrook Winery

Stonebrook Winery, just a stone’s throw from Cincinnati, is the first wine trail in Northern KentuckyYou will be travelling along Northern Kentucky’s scenic back roads and enjoying sites including the historic stone houses in Campbell County and a scenic drive along the Ohio River, to the town of Augusta.  You will pick up your official Back Roads Wine Trail VIP Passport to each of the five wineries, where you will get a stamp per winery visited and then at the end you will get a special commemorative gift upon showing your filled out Passport.  Get ready for some wonderful flavors and some amazing sights and sounds when you take the Back Roads Winery Tour.  Remember to get a car and driver for the day to make sure that you can enjoy the tour responsibly and have a way back home in case you enjoyed yourself just a little bit too much.  The tour starts at the Stonebrook Winery at 6570 Vineyard Lane in Camp Springs, KY 41059.

4. Flavors of the Queen City

This is a great tour to get a true taste for Cincy.  As you enjoy bite-sized portions representing the favorites of each establishment in the downtown area, you will explore the city along the way and learn about its local history and businesses.  The tour includes a trip atop the Carew Tower, Cincinnati’s tallest building that dates back to the 1930’s.  Go on a Friday or Saturday and enjoy the tour that starts and finishes at Fountain Square in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati.  The tour starts at the corner of Fifth and Vine Street and meets at the fountain on the side facing Tiffany’s.

5. BB River Boats Cruise

   A tour is a wonderful thing, but a cruise is something all its own.  Cruise down the river in Kentucky and enjoy the amazing sights and sounds of Ohio and Northern Kentucky.  They have many cruises to choose from, some perfect for solo, family, friends or romantic needs.  A great way to enjoy a day of seeing things from a unique perspective in comfort and with a bite to eat and drinks at your fingertips.  They have three gorgeous boats to choose from and are located at 101 Riverboat Row in Newport, KY 41071.

Any of these are ideal for a great touring day. Increase the safety and fun of your Cincinnati tour by booking Cincinnati car service to handle your commutes throughout the day. 



photo credit: J. Star via photopin cc