Best Music Venues in Cincinnati for Your Night Out

A Night Out with Live Music in Cincy

Sometimes you need more than just dinner and a movie for your special night out.

Whether you are out on a date or out with several friends, it’s nice to have a variety of options for your entertainment.Best live music in Cincy

One of the best ways to spend a night out on the town is listening to live music by an amazing band.

You could be supporting a great local band, or have the opportunity to see a more popular band coming through.

There are some fantastic music venues in Cincinnati for you to enjoy some great music on a fun night out on the town.

The Southgate House Revival

This music venue has three different rooms offering up many different kinds of musical entertainment: the Lounge, the Sanctuary, and the Revival Room.

The Revival Room hosts an open mic night which would be a perfect way to spend the evening. An eclectic mix of singer-songwriters, storytellers, and even comedians get up on stage with the express hope of entertaining you. These come around about twice a month, so if you miss one, there will always be another to look forward to.

If variety is what you’re looking for, the open mic night at The Southgate House Revival is where you should be. While the open mic night is definitely a different way to be entertained, this music venue also boasts of several upcoming musical acts as well.

From rock ‘n roll to Americana, there is sure to be a show that everyone will enjoy. Another bonus is that not all shows are 21 and up, The Southgate House Revival hosts many 18-and-up and all-ages shows as well, so if you can’t find a sitter one night, you could bring the kids along.

The Drinkery

Another great music venue in Cincinnati is Drinkery.

They often host themed nights, sometimes playing only 80’s music, other times only rap and hip hop.

Drinkery boasts of reasonably priced drinks which are sometimes needed to encourage off the wall dancing, but luckily the caliber of music seems to keep the dance floor full all the time.

If the club atmosphere isn’t your thing, Drinkery also has live music nights for entertainment as well.

Just in May alone, they are having amazing acts like the Honey Spiders, Fort Wilson Riot, and the Big Rock Club.

Madison Theater

Once a movie theater, this place has become the largest venue for general admission in the Cincinnati area. This means that some of the bigger names that come to the area will perform here.

With so many different artists and so many different genres, there is sure to be an upcoming show that everyone would love to see.

Some of the larger named acts coming to Madison Theater are Tegan and Sara, the up and coming Bastille, and Twiztid.

This Cincinnati music venue has the ability to offer up the most eclectic selection of genres the music industry has to offer.


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There is a car service out there to accommodate your every need. You won’t have to worry about choosing a designated driver, and everyone will be able to enjoy themselves safely. Take advantage of the amazing musical offerings the city has to offer without having to stress about how you’re going to get home.




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