Best Second Date Ideas in Cincinnati

This blog was originally published in January of 2013; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information. 


If you’ve decided on taking someone out for the second time, chances are that the jitters and nerves that went along with the first date have faded.

But you’re still going to be concerned about showing your date a good time and impressing him or her.

The good thing about second dates, though, is that you’ve broken the ice.

Now that you’ve gotten some information about them, you can plan a stellar second date, and hopefully win a third.

To help you make a great impression and create a great memory, we’ve outlined a few great ideas for second dates in Cincinnati.

See Some Cincinnati Art

Maybe you learned on your first date that the person you’ve been seeing had a great time at the art galleries when they went to New York. In which case, showing them some of the art in Cincinnati is a great second date plan. Not only does it show that you were listening, but it also shows that you have some knowledge of the city’s art scene, which will be a plus in the mind of an art lover.

  • One place to visit could be The Cincinnati Art Museum. The museum’s collections span 6,000 years and holds exhibits on Tiffany windows and fashion and textiles. It’s also presenting an exhibit featuring artist James Welling. His unique blend of sculpture, painting, and photography is sure to inspire some thoughtful discussion between you and your date. 

Take a Chauffeured Sightseeing Tour

A second date is a great time to surprise your potential significant other with the luxury of a chauffeured car. A chauffeured car allows you to have uninterrupted conversation with your date. Navigating to a new destination won’t be a concern.

  • Have your chauffeur drive you to the Cincinnati Observatory.  This fully-functioning 19th century landmark is used every day by amateur astronomers and the public alike. Situated atop the grand hills of Mt. Pleasant, the Observatory is open year-round on Thursday and Friday nights. Equipment for viewing, moons, stars and planets up close allow for some modern-day stargazing.
  • Another great place to hit on your chauffeured Cincinnati sights tour is the Purple People Bridge, one of the nation’s only pedestrian bridges. The Purple People Bridge stretches across the river into Newport, KY, where the Newport Aquarium and beautifully lit sights await.

Find a Unique Restaurant

Of course, dinner sounds like a far too clichéd date night, and when you’re trying to make an impression on the second date, a normal dinner destination is probably a lackluster idea.

But doing research on unique dining opportunities around Cincinnati can yield many results and lots of potential to hit your date out of the park.

  • Among our favorite unique dining destinations in the Queen City is the Rookwood Bar and Restaurant, which is housed in an old studio and manufacturing facility for the world-famous Rookwood Pottery Co. From the fun names of the menu items to the long list of specialty cocktails and spirits, the Rookwood is a great second date destination for unique dining.
  • Another restaurant that is among our favorites for unique Cincinnati dining is Jeff Ruby’s Precinct, a 30+ year old restaurant. It’s famous for great steaks, celebrity appearances, and the finest service money can buy. With the motto “Culinary Entertainment” attached to his company, it’s easy to see why Ruby’s Precinct is a great destination for unique Cincinnati dining.

With any of these places, your second date in Cincinnati can be a special one.