Choosing Safe Transportation Options for Your Teen’s Prom Night

A Savannah Nite’s Limos are the Perfect Answer


Prom LimosProm season is coming up quickly, sparking huge amounts of excitement in teens and huge amounts of anxiety in parents. Helping your teen plan the perfect prom can be time consuming. Between getting dresses, tuxes, making dinner arrangements, and choosing picture locations, you may find prom plans taking over your life in the near future. On top of the stress of planning, parents also have to deal with the added anxiety of keeping your children safe on prom night. As a proud parent, you want your teen to have a nice time at his or her prom. However, you also want to take every single precaution you can to ensure that your kids are safe on one of the most potentially dangerous nights of a teen’s life. Choosing the right transportation will help you make the evening a dream for your teen, and ease your anxieties about their safety on the road.


Limos Make Occasions Special


Renting a limo for prom is a tradition that is popular with teens and their parents. For teens, the limo adds a touch of formality, importance, and fun to their prom night. It’s not often that the opportunity to ride in a stretch limo arises, so agreeing to allow your son or daughter to rent a limo on his/her prom night is an exciting and special novelty. When your teen is dressed to the nines and steps into a limo at the beginning of the night, they are fast on their way to enjoying an evening that they will remember forever.


Perfect for Groups


Teens also like limos because of their large size. As you well remember, going to your prom is all about making memories with your friends before you head off to college and new phases in life. A big stretch limo allows your teen to travel together to dinner and prom with a large group of friends. One major advantage of hiring transportation for a large group of teens is that you and other parents can all pool together to cover the cost of the rental. If everyone chips in, you can rent a limo at a very reasonable and inexpensive cost to you.


Keep Your Teen Safe from Drunk Drivers


Finally, you cannot beat the safety provided by a professional limo service. Prom night has long been considered one of the most dangerous nights for teens on the road. Even if you trust your son or daughter to stay away from drugs and alcohol on prom night, you cannot assume that every other teen holds the same integrity. When your teen is responsible for his/her own transportation to prom, dangerous situations may arise. He/she may get into a vehicle with a driver who has been drinking, or he/she may have an accident with another vehicle on the road. You can trust that a professional driver will remain sober, competent, and responsible. Your driver will take the measures necessary to have your teen home safe and on time at the end of the night.


Highly Qualified Drivers


Every single driver employed by a professional car service is thoroughly tested, vetted, and background checked. They all hold valid licenses and have years of experience on the road. Their experience and qualifications make them reliable and trustworthy caretakers for your teen on prom night.  The knowledge that your son or daughter is stepping into a vehicle with a strong and capable adult driver should help you put your mind at ease as the night progresses.


When you call to rent a limousine for your son or daughter’s prom, make sure that you are able to provide your car service with all the right details. You will need to know the date of the event, the time of pick up and drop off, and how many people will be in your son or daughter’s party.




Image Credit: Miles