Cincinnati Reds Baseball Roundup

A Visitor’s Guide to the Stadium and Surrounding Area


Summer is on its way, and baseball season is in full swing. For fans in the Cincinnati area, there is no better way to spend a sunny day than sitting down with your friends or family and enjoying nine fun filled innings of America’s favorite pastime. Taking a trip to the Great American Ball Park to see your favorite team in action is a day that you won’t regret. Whether you simply want to spend some time with your friends or if you want to build memories with your family, you will find that purchasing tickets to the baseball game is easy, affordable, and always time well spent.


The Great American Ball Park


The Great American Ballpark, famous home of the Cincinnati Reds, has been a landmark in the Cincinnati area since its opening in 2003 when it replaced former home of the Reds, Cinergy Field. This year, the stadium has been chosen to host the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. In response to being selected host, The Great American Ballpark has undergone $4.5 million in renovations, adding on brand new bars and upgrading already existing concession stands. Tickets for an event like the Major League Baseball All-Star Game can be pricey and tend to sell very fast. However, fans in the Cincinnati area that do not score tickets can still enjoy the upgrades to the ballpark during the regular season.


Grab a Bite at the Stadium


No trip to the ball park would be complete without a delicious burger or hot dog from the concession stand. In addition to the upgraded concession stands that patrons of the Great American Ballpark can enjoy this year, there are also plenty of delicious restaurants both inside and outside the stadium. The Machine Room Grille, for example, can be found inside the stadium on the suite level at the left field corner of the stadium. You can take a break from the stands to enjoy sitting down and eating a meal in the pub like atmosphere. There are plenty of screens, so you won’t need to worry about missing a single second of the game.


Eat Near By


Unfortunately, stadium prices can be a little bit steep. If you are watching what you spend while at the game, you may be able to save a few dollars by eating somewhere nearby before or after the game. Downtown Cincinnati is packed with great places to eat, many within walking distance of the ball park. One great advantage to eating outside of the stadium is that you don’t have to limit yourself to stadium food menus. You can instead choose from pizza at Dewey’s, Asian cuisine at Shanghai Mama’s, or s delicious steak at Morton’s the Steakhouse.


Arranging Your Transportation


Parking is another concern that always comes up when heading to the baseball game. Parking in downtown Cincinnati is hard enough, and when you add the large number of stadium patrons, it can get even worse. It’s always a good idea to have a parking plan in place before getting to the game. Commuters can find parking garages on West Pete Rose Way, Race Street, and Joe Nuxhall Way. Or, you can simply avoid the mess of parking all together by renting a professional car service instead. This way, you can avoid having to locate a garage or navigate through busy parking lots and traffic jams. Renting a car or limo for your trip to the ball park is also an excellent way to make a fun occasion all the more special.


If you’re looking to get a close group of friends together, or spend a day out with your family that you won’t forget, you can’t beat going to a live ball game. Ticket prices vary depending on where you purchase seats, but you will find that there is always a way to stay within your budget.


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