Cincinnati’s Most Exciting Shopping Experiences

Luxury Insider’s Guide to Cincinnati Shopping Luxury Shopping Cincinnati

In life, anticipation is usually more fun than the actual act of what one is anticipating. Shopping is one of the few activities where the act exceeds the anticipation.  Cincinnati residents looking for an exhilarating shopping experience don’t have to go too far. This blog highlights the city’s top destinations for the luxury lifestyle.

Monster Mall

Malls may be disappearing in Cincinnati, but the Anderson Towne Center is still a monster. Just to enter it, you have to pass through the biggest Kroger’s in existence. Here are some of the wonders you will find should you make it past the exit doors of the Kroger’s. This is 407,000 feet of pure shopping pleasure, and the mall even houses a sheriff’s station. You will find some of the usual chains, such as Macy’s, Hallmark, and Caribou Coffee, but among these giants you will also find some lesser known treats and surprises. The recent addition of an Orange Leaf Fro Yo was a brilliant stroke. Speaking of brilliant, there are also math tutoring stations and cooking classes in this mall. If you have a chance to visit during Christmastime, do so. There is nothing more majestic than an open air super mall sporting Christmas themes.

7500 Beechmont Avenue

The Place to Find 49 Stories of Art Deco, Shopping and Other Luxuries

The Carew Tower is both a modern marvel, and it is a historical building at the same time. It was built in downtown Cincinnati in 1930. It remains the tallest elevated building in the city. Whether you love shopping, or art deco, you will enjoy this historic shopping center. There are 49 stories, and an observation deck at the top. The tower contains gems such as Victoria’s Secret, Hunt Club Clothier, along with 23 other shops, restaurants, and bars. The Palm Court Bar is a favorite for its luxurious interior, and decadent Egyptian art. Skywalks also connect the visitor to Saks Fifth Avenue as well as the Hyatt Regency.

28 West Fourth St., at Race

Exploring Global Goods, Beer and Animals in Cincy

What do you do if the kids want to go to amusement park, the husband wants the day to relax, drink beer, and smoke cigars, but you just need to go grocery shopping? Go to Jungle Jim’s. This is six and one-half acres of shopping you will never forget, and probably never complete, either. Jim’s has over 180,000 different items, and 60,000 of them are international. In fact, the international sections are broken up using facades that mimic each region’s particular architecture. It is almost as though you are going exploring instead of shopping. It doesn’t hurt that you will be surrounded by miniature water falls, jungle roars, and other mind-popping stimulants.

This international market has become so immense, that a strip mall was added along one side, and the outside has a refurbished monorail from a Lion Country Safari attraction. To be honest, you will probably need a monorail or chauffeurd transportation from A Savannah Nite if you are going to check out the beer section. There are over 1,200 imported and specialty beers available, along with a tasting room to make sure you find the right selection. You can even choose varying baskets in order to create unique gifts for friends and family.

5440 Dixie Highway, Fairfield

How to Convert a Non-Shopper

Some people love to shop. Some people who dislike shopping are married to people who love to shop.

If you are married to someone who hates shopping, bring them along on a visit to one of these three exclusive places. Hire a limousine to take you safely and stylishly to these shopping centers for a complete luxury experience. The next time you’re ready to go out, they may ask with enthusiasm, “Can I come, too?”

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