Creating Special Memories

Planning the Perfect Date Night


Date NightWith the everyday stressors of life constantly taking a toll on us, it can sometimes be difficult to remember to take a moment to stop and enjoy the moment. Work, school, kids, and other commitments can become so time consuming that other important elements of your life can fall to the wayside. If you have noticed that you and your significant other are spending less and less time with each other, it might be time for you to go out of your way to plan a romantic evening away from other people, commitments, and plans. Taking just one evening to recapture the romance in your life can keep your relationship strong, open, and happy.


Make the Night a Surprise


Planning a date night with a busy schedule isn’t easy. Sometimes, even when you and your partner have open time, it may just be tempting to spend a relaxing evening at home on the couch. You can get around this temptation by arranging a surprise for your special someone. Reach out to friends, coworkers, or family and ask them to help you with your surprise. Have them call your partner and ask them to help with a work project, come to a family dinner, or make up any other personal commitment that your partner would agree to. Then, once the time comes for him or her to leave the house that night, reveal your surprise. The look on his/her face when its revealed that he/she is in for a fancy meal and a night of pampering instead of another personal commitment will be a look that you will remember forever, and it will start your romantic evening off with a bang.


Choose the Right Restaurant


Picking a restaurant for a night of romance should not be taken lightly. Keep in mind that this evening should be special, not average. Stay away from your neighborhood favorites and common go-tos. They may be delicious, but you want this evening to stand apart from an average night. Instead of heading to your neighborhood sports bar or just heading to your local chain restaurants, make reservations in the city. Restaurants like Prima Vista, Orchids at Palm Court, or Baba India are perfect choices for your special evening. They all provide a formal and romantic ambiance and offer thoughtful and delicious menus that will leave you full, but still wanting more.


Book a Night’s Stay


Your special date night does not need to end after dinner. Why not spend the entire evening away from the kids and/or any other responsibilities. If you are going to head into the city, you should consider booking an overnight stay at one of downtown Cincinnati’s fabulous hotels. Cincinnati is home to many branches of the country’s most reputable hotels including Hilton, Hyatt Regency, and the Residence Inn. However, you can also book a night’s stay at one of Cincy’s own private treasures such as the 21c Museum Hotel. It is a fun and interesting boutique hotel with an art gallery, spa, and a wonderful restaurant and bar. Before selecting the hotel you plan to stay in on your evening away, shop around online to compare prices and find the deals.


Finally, in order to plan the perfect romantic night, you need to think about the small details. Consider buying your special someone a bouquet of flowers or getting him/her a nice gift. Small gestures like this can mean a lot. Another gesture that will add the perfect touch to your evening is booking a limousine. Stepping into a stretch limo and being whisked away to a delicious dinner and a night stay at a hotel is a pampering that your loved one will never forget.




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