Do You Have Any Questions?

Questions You Should Be Asking During Your Next Interview


Interview QuestionsIt happens all too often. You are sitting in an office being interviewed. Everything seems to be going very well and suddenly the moment comes where your interviewer stops asking you questions and gives you the floor instead. It’s pretty standard for interviewers to wrap up an interview by asking if you have any important questions that you would like to ask about the job. At this time, many people draw a blank. You can spend so much time preparing yourself for all of the questions that might come your way in an interview that you do not put enough prep into thinking about what you need to ask your employer. It is very important that you put some serious thought into what questions you want to ask of your interviewer. It helps you to determine if the job you are interviewing for is the kind of position you are looking for to further your career. Coming prepared with well thought out questions also shows your interviewer that you are eager to learn and thorough, two qualities that will help set you apart from other candidates.


Find Out What They Are Looking For


To start off, you should ask some questions about the job position itself. You can never be truly sure what a company is looking for in a new hire if you do not ask. It is perfectly acceptable to ask what kind of skills, education, and experience they are actually looking for during the hiring process. Not only will you have a better understanding of whether you are actually qualified, but it might give you an opportunity to talk about or demonstrate skill sets in the areas that they are seeking that might not be on your resume.


Inquire About the Daily Office Life


You will also want to ask some questions about daily life on the job. The person interviewing you has real life experience working for the company that you will hopefully be joining. You can use him or her as a resource to find out of that company is the ideal environment for you. Ask how they have enjoyed working in that business. Ask if they have experienced career growth and if they think taking a job with this company is a step to developing an expanding career in the future. Lastly, ask if what the general environment is like around the office. Do coworkers work together well? Is the job fulfilling and interesting? These questions can help you ensure that you are signing on to a job that you will enjoy driving to every morning.


Find Out What Happens Next


Lastly, one of the most important questions you can ask while you are being interviewed is where they process continues from this point. The last thing you want to do is head home at the end of your interview and be at a complete loss for how and when you might be contacted. Gathering some information about the hiring process can help you understand how many other candidates are being interviewed for the position, how long it will take them to come to a decision, if you might be called in for another interview after your first, and many more elements that you will want to be prepared for.


The most important tool that you can take with you to your interview is confidence. You can show your confidence and competence by coming prepared to both answer and ask questions. Remember that interviews are two way streets. They are, of course, opportunities for your potential employer to learn about you and your skills. However, they are also opportunities for you to learn about your potential employer. Make sure that before you head into your interview, you come prepared with well thought out questions.


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