Dressing to Impress for the Kentucky Derby

Planning the Perfect Kentucky Derby Outfit


Dressing for the Kentucky DerbyEvery seasoned equestrian knows that the Kentucky Derby is one of biggest days of the year in the world of horses. Every seasoned equestrian also knows that the Kentucky Derby is about so much more than just horses. In addition to being the biggest race of the year, the Kentucky Derby is also a highly anticipated cultural event in terms of fashion. Whether you will be attending the derby itself, or if you are going to be attending a Kentucky Derby party, you will be expected to dress your best. Before choosing your outfit and, of course, your hat, you might want to do a bit of research about this year’s biggest trends.




When it comes to the Kentucky Derby, women can never go wrong with a classic sundress. The derby is a daytime event. However, it is also a formal event, meaning that you will need to put an effort into finding the right ensemble. Generally, it’s a good idea to stay away from dark colors during the daytime. Bright whites, creams, and pastels are probably going to be the most popular colors seen in the stands. The Kentucky Derby is also a more conservative affair, so you should consider the length of a dress before you purchase it. The best rule of thumb is to try to avoid anything shorter than mid-thigh.


Pants, Capris, and Shorts


Dresses are not the only ways that women can make a fashion statement at the derby. Pants, capris, and shorts are also a popular choice. However, not just any pants will do. White and khaki colored bottoms are always a classic choice. However, with this fashion season’s emphasis on printed pants, you may choose to make a more bold and colorful choice. A nice formal pair of pants paired with a elegant blouse will never steer you wrong.


Men’s Fashion


Making a fashion statement is not only for women. Men too need to head to the Kentucky Derby dressed to the nines. For men, the fashion of the day is to look sharp and tailored. Make sure than any pants, suits, and blazers that you might wear are cut to fit your body in a flattering and fitted style. Ties are not necessary, but they are common. In addition to suit jackets and blazers, many men will also wear nice cardigans, vests, and finely pressed oxford shirts.


Choosing the Right Hat


No Kentucky Derby ensemble is complete without a stunning hat. Wearing a hat to the derby is considered good luck, and the more of a statement it makes, the better. It may be a good idea for you to choose your hat before you choose your outfit so that you can be sure you will match. Another option is to find a hat that makes a statement, but that is also neutral in color so that you can wear it with most everything.


Fashion Don’ts


Now that you know what you should wear to the Kentucky Derby or any parties that you may choose to attend, you should also know what items are absolute don’ts. Do not wear jeans to the Kentucky Derby. Denim is far too casual and is shows a lack of respect for the formality of the event. You should also avoid tee shirts, athletic shoes, sweatpants, and flip-flops. One excellent rule of thumb is, if your boss would have a problem with you wearing your outfit to the office, you probably shouldn’t wear it to the derby.


Choosing the right outfit for the Kentucky Derby doesn’t have to be difficult. The most important thing to remember is to dress your best. Generally, Kentucky Derby fashion has a conservative and preppy feel so if you want to fit in, it would be best to find an outfit that fits that mold. You can learn more about this years best Kentucky Derby and spring fashions by looking in magazines and online.


Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/vectorolie