Fantastically Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas in Cincinnati

This blog was originally published in 2014; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information. 

Cincinnati Bachelorette Party IdeasAs the big day of your wedding approaches, it is only natural that you start to feel extreme excitement.

By now, all of your most stressful planning is probably finished and all you need to do is count down the days until the big day arrives.

The good news is that you don’t need to wait until your wedding day in order to celebrate. You can curb your anticipation by having a good time during your pre wedding celebrations. Planning a big bachelorette party with your best girlfriends is the perfect way to blow off some stream in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

Never planned a bachelorette party before? Check out these easy tips for the best night of your life. 

Kick Off with a Delicious Meal

You may want to start your evening off with a delicious meal.

Planning a dinner at a good restaurant is a great idea for many reasons. Firstly, it’s always a good idea to start off a night of drinking on a full stomach. Secondly, including a dinner portion in your evening will those who aren’t interested in bar hopping a chance to take part in the festivities.

Younger and older family members can still feel as if they are a part of your night, in an atmosphere that doesn’t make them uncomfortable. 

Spend the Night Bar Hopping

The next step to planning a fun night out in Cincinnati is to find out what hot bars and clubs you may want to visit.

Just a few of the fun nightclubs in the area are:

Try Your Luck at the Slot Machines

Another fantastic way to have a blast at your bachelorette party is to visit Horseshoe Casino.

Cincinnati is home to a wonderfully elegant and fun casino full of gambling live entertainment, bars, and more. You may want to look into the special events coming up at the casino to see if you might want to purchase tickets for a live show for your bachelorette party.

Finally, one absolutely essential step you need to take in planning your bachelorette party is the safety of your friends and family.

Everyone wants to have a few drinks and have a good time, so it is very important that you make the responsible choice of ensuring safe transportation and/or accommodation.

The best thing to do is to hire a professional driving company to escort you from venue to venue, ensuring that you will always have a sober and responsible person behind the wheel.

You can rent a limo or a limo coach depending on the size of your party. You also may want to consider booking a few rooms in a hotel, that way everyone will have a place to sleep once the evening is over.





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