FAQ About Homecoming Limos

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While teens may be caught up with picking dresses, heels, hair stylists, suits, and whether they’ll be elected to homecoming court, parents often find themselves battling some serious anxiety in the days before the big dance. Teen safety is a definite concern, and even the most responsible teens can find themselves in dangerous situations. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of using a homecoming limo to transport your students, we’ve compiled answers to some top customer questions!

How Do I Minimize Homecoming Risks?

We recommend that parents take the most direct approach possible to safety on the nights of major school dances. Have an honest, open conversation with your teen about expectations and potential consequences. Let them know exactly what they could encounter, your expectations, and establish a budget, curfew and designated check-in times throughout the evening.

Are Homecoming Limos a Smart Option?

It’s an unfortunate reality that Homecoming and other major events for teens have come to be associated with risky behavior. While you may trust your teen to make the right choices, you’re surely wondering: will they succumb to peer pressure or be put at risk by the choices of others?

Homecoming limos are usually the safest transportation option. While your teen may choose to avoid underaged drinking, they may not have the defensive driving experience to avoid road hazards. Homecoming limos are also a wise alternative to renting a hotel room for an unchaperoned party. Renting a limo also means you’ll be renting the services of a highly-trained professional chauffeur to keep your kids safe.

What if My Teen Tries to Drink Alcohol in the Homecoming Limo?

Don’t worry. Teen drinking is illegal in all fifty states, and the last thing a good homecoming limo company wants is the issues that can arise with providing alcohol to a minor. While policies can vary slightly between homecoming limo providers, chauffeurs will usually check teens’ bags and purses thoroughly before allowing them to board the party bus or limousine. Bags which teens refuse to let the chauffeur search will likely be stowed in the trunk, no exceptions. We make sure no teens bring any alcohol aboard, and will end an evening immediately if teens get caught sneaking alcohol into the homecoming limo.

What is the Safest Homecoming Limo Service?

Any reputable transportation company fielding homecoming limos won’t skimp on safety. Luxury vehicles should be carrying extensive insurance coverage, be frequently inspected by an on-staff mechanic and be operated by a chauffeur with extensive experience and a strong driving record. If you’re feeling worried about being rented a vehicle that can’t make it the whole way between the restaurant and school dance, ask the homecoming limo company directly what precautions they take to make sure their vehicles are in perfect, working order.

Keep in mind that peer pressure is a powerful thing, and if you’re worried about your kids getting out of hand, you’ve essentially got two options:

You can designated at least adult chaperone for the homecoming limo or party. While this might not be a popular decision among the high school students, it will ensure a responsible party can keep an eye on behavior.


Choose a smaller vehicle and share the rental with a trusted group of your teens’ closest friends. While there are never any guarantees that teens won’t try to break the rules in a way that seriously compromises their safety, smaller groups are easier to supervise.

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