Fight the Winter Blues with These Great Cincinnati Attractions

Don’t Stay Inside Just Because it’s Cold Outside

Cincinnati Winter ActivitiesThe winter months make it hard to want to get out and do any more than you already have to. There’s so much preparation that goes into walking outside during the colder months that it can be difficult to get motivated to go anywhere other than to work and home. Except for those people that enjoy the colder months for the skiing, snowboarding, and other winter related activities, most of us would prefer to cuddle up under a blanket in front of warm fire. However, if you’re trying not to settle into hibernation this year and want to get out of the house during these colder months, there are plenty of great Cincinnati attractions for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

We’ve put together a few great ideas and attractions that should motivate you into leaving the house these winter months.

Snow Tubing

Cincinnati has been lucky enough to have already seen snow this year and it won’t be the last time before winter is over either. This means you and the young at heart will have plenty of chances to get out to one of the two snow tubing lanes in the Cincinnati area.

For those that live on the north side of Cincinnati, head over to Beach Mountain at Beach Waterpark. There is a 400-tfoot run as well as a conveyer that can take you and your tubes up the hill so you don’t have to trek up it yourself. You’ll also find a 10,000 square foot snow play area, picnic shelter, concession stand, and a fire pit to keep you warm.

Just to the west of Cincinnati, located in Indiana, is Perfect North Slopes. They have a beast of a snow tube run that is considered to be one of the largest in the country at 1,200 feet long. You can also go skiing or snowboarding here as well. If you’re taking small children along with you, they also have small tubing areas for kids 4-6 years old.

Brewery Tours

It’s well known that alcoholic beverages are great for warming you up in the colder months. As long as you’re smart and responsible about the drinking, you can turn a day out touring breweries into a fantastic winter excursion. The first brewery was opened on the Ohio River in 1812 by Englishman Davis Embree. Although his brewery shut down due to the lack of interest in his classic porters and ales, the area known as Over-the-Rhine soon became the heart of Cincinnati’s brewing industry. Nowadays, people can take their time meandering through the historic buildings that house these breweries while also enjoying some of the many different styles of brews they offer.

Indoor Activities for Families with Kids

While tubing is great for families with kids, not all kids possess the daredevil gene and might be frightened by the prospect. Luckily there are plenty of indoor activities all across the Cincinnati area as well as into Northern Kentucky.

Keep warm, entertain the kids, and educate them all at the same time by visiting one of the many museums in the area. For the art loving children you can head to the Taft Museum of Art, the Cincinnati Art Museum or the Contemporary Art Center. If your kids are more interested in the history of Cincinnati’s baseball team, they’ll absolutely LOVE the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum.

If you have younger toddlers or preschoolers, they may not appreciate a trip to the museum. Instead, you can take them to Totter’s Otterville in Latonia, KY. There they can go pretend grocery shopping, play in water, play dress up, and even paint their faces. Since they sell food on-site, you and the kiddos could feasibly spend an entire day here out of the cold.

No matter which option you choose for you, your friends, and your family, make it an extra special outing by using a Cincinnati car service like Savannah Nite. You all can sit back, relax, and reconnect while the chauffeur takes care of the driving. They are very well-trained and you can rest assured they’ll know how to navigate the winter streets.


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