Find the Best Restaurants in Cincinnati in the Palm of Your Hand

5 Apps to Find the Best Local Restaurants


Dinner AppsOne of the benefits of living in or traveling to the big city is all of the delicious unique dining opportunities that are available for you to enjoy. Whether you live in the Cincinnati area or you are traveling to the city for business or leisure, you will quickly find that the city is bursting with delicious restaurants that offer one of a king menus. Locals looking to break out of their dinner ruts or travelers wanting to get a taste of what Cincinnati has to offer can learn about some of the most popular and scrumptious dining stops in Cincinnati simply by downloading any of the following smart phone apps. With the swipe of a finger, you can be on your way to enjoying a meal that you will never forget.




The smartphone app that has become the leader in restaurant reviews is Yelp. No matter where you are located, Yelp will help you sort through a never ending list of restaurants and bars until you find the selection that is the perfect for your taste. Yelp can sort restaurants by cuisine type, location, cost, and more. When you use the Yelp app, you will also have the benefit of reading customer reviews and ratings so that you can judge whether or not the restaurant you are considering will be worth your time and money.




Just behind Yelp in terms of popularity is the mobile app Urbanspoon. Like Yelp, Urbanspoon will help you find the best restaurants near you and aloe access to customer reviews and ratings.  Unlike Yelp, Urbanspoon’s app is used only for information regarding restaurants. The app will also give you information regarding directions to the restaurant, menus, links to websites, and telephone numbers.




Generations of travelers from all over the world have depended upon the credibility of Zagat to help them find restaurants and other attractions in foreign cities. Now, you can have the benefit of Zagat’s distinguished rating system at your fingertips without having to carry around a bulky book. Zagat’s smart phone app with provide you with all the information published in their books. With the app, you can depend on Zagat in every city around the world, including Cincinnati.




Once you have made a choice about where you want to eat, you may want to make sure that there will be  table waiting for you when you arrive. Booking reservations is a smart way to ensure that you and your entire party can have a seat without having to wait long stretches of time for a table. However, calling a restaurant and potentially waiting on hold is not always convenient. Opentable is an app that will help you book reservations without ever having to dial a number. With just a few clicks you can make a reservation at your favorite restaurant and walk in confident knowing that you will have a place waiting for you.




Lastly, the most dependable recommendations usually come from our friends. With the use of Foursquare, you can both search restaurants around you and interact with people you know. You can see how many of your friends have “checked in” to a certain location and also see which locations are popular with people in your area in general.


Don’t head to an unfamiliar city before downloading a reliable restaurant app. Or, if you are a local take a moment to consider trying something new before you head to your usual dining spot. New restaurants are opening all the time in Cincinnati, and there may even be old places that you have never tried. By downloading one of the dependable smart phone apps listed above, you can be on your way to having one of the best meals of your life.




Image Credit: Vuono