Have You Thought About Your Wedding Car Service?

Start Planning Early for Your Cincinnati Wedding Limousine

Your wedding is often the most important day of your life. It signifies the start of a life together with the one you love, the start of a new family. While you may spend a lot of time considering venues, wedding dresses, tuxes, and food, you don’t want to forget about how you are going to get there.

The right limousine service could be the icing on the cake for your special day. This means you shouldn’t skimp on time spent thinking about what company you use and what vehicle you choose.

Vintage Elegance

Choosing a vintage theme for weddings has become more popular in recent years. The elegance and opulence associated with a vintage wedding is hard to beat. There are so many different options for decorating and dressing for a vintage affair that it may be difficult to decide.

One of the easier decisions to make for your vintage wedding would be transportation. You can choose some of the most incredible vehicles to chauffer you to and from your day of vows. Depending on which decade you choose to base your décor on, there is a vintage limousine to match. For a 1940’s vibe, you can choose a sleek black 1940 Buick Special that would complement your theme. If your wedding is based on the classic 50s, consider a 1957 Chevy Bel Air stretch limousine. This choice is just as beautiful as it is practical, as it would be enough to accommodate your bridal party as well. The 60s should also be remembered by pulling up in a 1967 Cadillac. Your entrance will make an impact in the right vintage auto for your soiree.

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The Classics

Maybe your wedding is destined to have a more classic feel. With your venue draped in black and white, the perfect transportation to make your entrance would be one of the many classic black limousines made famous by celebrities today. The options are endless with Lincolns and Cadillacs stretched out to ensure you and your bridal party arrive in style.

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For a more modern spin, there are also the SUV stretch limousines that have made a recent appearance in the wedding transportation industry. Just like their smaller stretch counterparts, these have plenty of room to handle however many you have in your wedding party. There are Yukons and Excursions to choose from, so it’s just a matter of taste when it comes to making your decision.

Late Night Party People

If you are one of those that intends to turn your wedding into a party that goes on long into the night, a party bus would be a better option for your transportation. Not only will it be more than enough to handle the bridal party and groomsmen, there would also be plenty of room to transport guests from the wedding venue to the after-party location. If you choose the right one, they will be outfitted with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system to keep the party going in between.

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Just remember, there are more things to think about when it comes to planning your wedding. Once you’ve decided which direction you want to go with your overall theme, take some time to consider the perfect transportation for you to make an exceptional entrance. Even if your guests haven’t been inside the venue before you and your bridal party pull up, the right vehicle will set the tone for the day ahead.