Having Fun This Memorial Day

What to Do in Cincinnati


Memorial Day in CincinnatiAre you tired of being cooped up inside the house and the office? Spring is in full swing, and with the flowers blooming and the sun in the sky, it’s time to finally shake off the winter and get outdoors. Memorial Day is fast approaching, meaning that you and your family can finally take the time needed to spend some fun and memorable times outside in the city. There is a never-ending list of fantastic and exciting events taking place this Memorial Day in the Cincinnati area.  Upon discovering just how much there is to do in your city, you might find that it will be hard to choose.


America’s Favorite Pastime


When looking for something to do in the city, you can never go wrong with a trip to the ballpark. After all, Memorial Day is a distinctly American holiday, and there is no activity more American than enjoying the country’s favorite pastime while eating a hotdog and drinking a cold beer. This Memorial Day weekend, the Cincinnati Reds will be playing at home at the Great American Ballpark against the Colorado Rockies. You can take advantage of your favorite team’s home presence by purchasing tickets for the whole family. Ticket prices vary depending on where you purchase seats.


Memorial Day Dog Show


Dog lovers may want to take a trip to the Butler County Fairgrounds to see the Greater Cincinnati Memorial Day Dog Show. The dog show will be presented by the Cincinnati Kennel Club and will feature over 1,300 dogs competing for different prizes in varying categories. At the end of each day, one lucky dog will win the ultimate award by being named best in show. While at the dog show, you can enjoy food and drinks provided by vendors while also shopping for pet supplies and toys at the varying booths set up during the event. Doors open at 7:00am May 22-25.


Wine Tasting


If you are looking to spend some time enjoying some more adult related activities this Memorial Day, you won’t want to miss the Brianza Gardens and Winery’s Memorial Day weekend wine tasting. Starting at 10:00am on Saturday, May 23rd, the wine tasting will be open to all of those over the age of 21 for the small cost of five dollars. You can spend all day enjoying delicious wines as well as breads and cheeses from local vendors.


Head to the Parade


One thing that you can always count on every Memorial Day is finding a parade. Parades are held all over the country on Memorial Day, honoring the fallen soldiers who died in service of our country. This year, several cities in the greater Cincinnati area will be holding parades, including the cities of North College Hill, Glendale, Blue Ash, and Florence. After their Memorial Day Parade, the city of Blue Ash will also be holding a concert performed by the Blue Ash Montgomery Symphony Orchestra to honor out fallen vets.


Make Your Own Holiday Plans


If none of these events sound appealing to you, remember that you don’t need to participate in an officially sanctioned event to have fun this Memorial Day. Planning a picnic in one of Cincinnati’s many beautiful parks, heading to the wonderful Cincinnati Zoo, or simply taking a family bike ride can be an excellent way to enjoy your three-day weekend.


Don’t let your Memorial Day weekend pass like any other. Take advantage of the holiday time by spending some valuable time with your friends and family. Head to a baseball game, have lunch in the park, or take in one of the many parades going on in your area. You can find out about all of the events occurring in your area this year by going online and checking in your local news paper.




Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Stuart Miles