Hollywood Ideas for Ladies’ Nights in Cincinnati

Make Like a Movie Star With a Great Girls’ Night Out

Cincinnati car serviceLadies’ night is the perfect time to gab with your gal pals and just relax in an environment free from work, romantic relationships, and other everyday stressors. But sometimes, the regular ladies’ night out ventures may start to feel a little stale. After all, how many times can you visit the same winery before it starts to get old? If you want to add an extra dose of glamour to your girls’ night out, consider going the Hollywood route and picking a theme for your night. With your Cincinnati limo to take you there, you’ll feel just like a Los Angeles A-lister.

1.) Sex In the City and Classy Cocktails

Every group of gals has done it: They’ve assessed their group of friends, picked one out, and thought, “She’s totally Samantha.” While you don’t have to go as far as assigning roles to your friends during your Sex in the City-themed ladies’ night, you can recreate the same stylish and glamorous events the four main characters enjoy. One great place to do so is The Bar at Palm Court, where mixologists serve up classy cocktails and more low-key drinks alike. The music adds a fancy touch, and the crowds there are often donning their very best. Bring your girlfriends to one of the best dining spots in the city and enjoy a night relaxing in style.

2.) Cinderella Princess Night

There’s a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory where the girls go to Disneyland and get a princess makeover. In the same vein, you could make your ladies’ night into a princess-themed evening. Even though you can’t look exactly like Cinderella, you can all don lovely gowns and pick out a nice restaurant to dine like royalty. Our suggestion? Try the American fine dining restaurant Boca. It’s expensive, but it doesn’t hurt to splurge on yourself every once in a while. And besides, the menu is pretty princess-worthy, with items including Scottish salmon and locally sourced chicken breast served with mushroom truffle risotto.

3.) Clueless Shopping

The girls in Clueless loved their shopping, and for you and your girlfriends it could be fun to take a trip down nostalgia lane by going on a shopping spree like Alicia Silverstone’s character. Have your car service drop the group off at Cincinnati Premium Outlets, which has fine retailers such as Coach, Cole Haan, and Banana Republic. While you’re there, you may even want to hit up The Cosmetics Market and give someone in the group a makeover, a la Tai Frasier.

4.) Miss Congeniality Day-to-Night Transformation

Since Gracie Hart was undercover, there never was an actual day-to-night transformation where she was FBI agent by day and beauty queen by night. But we’re willing to bet that you sometimes feel like your work is overtaking your life, and you just want to shed your work persona for awhile. On that note, why not stop by visiting Luxe and dance all your work stress away? With pounding music and some delicious drinks, you can forget all your cares for a few hours.

5.) Mama Mia Karaoke Night

If you to be like Amanda Seyfried and sing to your heart’s content, why not find a fun karaoke bar and sing some catchy pop tunes? Check out Below Zero Lounge on Thursday nights, when from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. you’re welcome to take the stage and give your best Broadway diva impression. With any luck, they’ll have an ABBA song or two available, and then you can really make like a character in Mamma Mia.

Ladies, everyone deserves to treat themselves to a nice reward once in awhile. Make yours a special night out with your friends and a Cincinnati limo to chauffeur you around. 

Image credit: freedigitalphotos.net/photostock