Hosting a Fabulous Tailgate Party in Your Backyard

This blog was originally published in 2015; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information possible. 

Backyard Tailgating PartyFootball season is in full swing, and you’ve probably fielded a few offers to head to the Paul Brown Stadium in downtown Cincinnatti to tailgate before a Cincinnati Bengals game.

With all the camaraderie, food, and team spirit, tailgating can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there’s a lot that goes forgotten when it comes to getting to and from these tailgating parties.

You have to worry about traffic, fighting for a parking spot, and the possibility of bad weather raining on your fun. The good news is that you don’t actually have to leave the comfort of your home to have a fabulous tailgating party.

If you love the Carolina Panthers and enjoy a tailgating party just as much as the next football fan but don’t want to deal with the hassle of heading to the stadium for one, we’ve got the info you need to host one in your own back yard.

Fabulous Food

The first and arguably most important thing you should consider for your backyard tailgating party is the food. You can’t have a tailgating party without feeding your guests. Just because it’s getting cooler outside doesn’t mean it’s too late in the year to fire up the grill. Throw a few burgers and hotdogs on to get things started as well as a few other unique and tasty treats for everyone to enjoy.

Since it is getting a bit colder, an excellent option to include in your tailgating menu is a big pot of hot and spicy chili. It goes great on a hotdog or in a bowl with cheese and crackers and the recipes can be changed to suit your own preferences. There are plenty of amazing appetizers, meals, and desserts that are perfect for your backyard tailgating party.

Frosty Beverages

You also can’t have a tailgating party without a few alcoholic beverages. Usually the options are limited when you’re tailgating at the stadium due to legal reasons, but when you’re at home you can offer your guests just about anything your imagination can dream up.

In addition to the bottles and cans of your favorite beer, you should consider offering up a few custom cocktails to keep things spicy. For instance, add a bit of an adult kick to lemonade with some rum and hot sauce or offer your guests a fresh take on the classic Bloody Mary.

Since they won’t be on public property, your guests may feel inclined to drink more than they usually would at a stadium-based tailgating party. Make sure they get home safely by springing for a chauffeured car service or mini-coach to take everyone home once the festivities have ended.

Fun Games

A tailgating party isn’t complete without a few games to play. Beer Pong, Trivia, and tag football are perfect for stadium and backyard tailgating. They’re also not too hard to find everything you need to play either. If you really want to show your Carolina pride, you can order custom painted Panthers-themed cornhole equipment. This game has blown up in popularity over the past few years and showing off a custom set will blow your Panther fan friends away!

It doesn’t take much to put together a fabulous tailgating party for you and your friends to get together and enjoy the game. If you have a big white sheet and a projector, you could even show the game outside on the side of your house. Your tailgating parties could become more popular than the ones that are thrown outside the Bank of America Stadium with the right amount of planning.




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