How To Choose A Tuxedo For Your Cincinnati Wedding

A Unique Look At Wedding Tuxedos How To Choose A Tuxedo For Your Wedding

While most of the wedding planning process involves catering to the dreams of the bride-to-be, it’s important that the groom and his men are filled in on the details. Why? Because they still have to get their tuxedos, and if they choose a style that totally conflicts with the bride’s wedding theme, well, that’ll be an interesting scene. To avoid any wedding-day drama, read on to learn how a tuxedo should fit, how to choose one that matches your personal style, and the pros and cons of buying a tux vs. renting one.

Bring In The Bride

“Make it a vital point of the planning process,” says Arlene Walrath, President of Atlanta-based Savvi Formalwear. “When the bride chooses to bring the groom in at an early point in the planning process, it’s amazing what it does even for their own relationship.”

“The bride absolutely has to be involved in purchasing the tux,” says Los Angeles-based wedding stylist Rik Ducar. “Without having the visual cues of what the bride is going to wear, the groom really has no starting point.”

You can find ties that match the color and hue of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Have some fun with the wedding boutonnieres — try matching them to the floral arrangements. These accents are important and will help the men stand out amongst a sea of other tuxes.

Not sure what creative touches to include? Ask the bride, her girls or the wedding planner for ideas.

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How To Find The Right Fit

  1. Try on the tuxedo with the correct shirt and shoes. 
  2. Place your arms at your sides with your fingers extended. 
  3. The hem of the jacket should be no longer than your middle finger. 
  4. The sleeve should grace the top of your hand.
  5. The shirt cuff should not peek out from the jacket sleeve more than half an inch.

CAUTION: The extra buttons on a double-breasted jacket cause attention to your midsection, so it’s best to wear this style only if you’re tall and slender.

Tuxedo Style Guide

For a groom to feel good in his tux, he needs one that fits his own personal style. While he can’t never go wrong with a classic design, there’s no better time than now to experiment with different elements. Here’s a quick style guide.

Cutaway or morning coat: This traditional coat is for the most formal morning weddings. Coats are black or gray with a single button at the waist and one broad tail at back. Wear this style of coat with a winged-collared dress shirt, ascot, and striped trousers.

Stroller coat: Variation of the morning coat. Usually hip-length. Pairs well with fancy waistcoats.

Dinner jacket: Comes in classic white or ivory, with peaked lapels or shawl collar. Considered an appropriate sub for a standard tux. Works well in summer months or warm climates, in the afternoon or evening. Looks great with formal black trousers with a side satin stripe. This is great for more casual weddings.

Tails jacket: This is a jacket that’s short in front with two longer tails hanging in the back. Usually worn with suspenders, a white pique shirt, vest, and bow tie. This is extremely formal.

Traditional tuxedo or black tie: The most classic look is a black or gray jacket with a single button. Comes with shawl, peak, or notched lapels. Usually worn with matching flat-front trousers, bow tie, and suspenders, vest or cummerbund. You also can wear a tux with a white vest and white tie.

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Renting a Tux v. Buying a Tux

Buying a tuxedo is always a better investment than renting a cheap tuxedo. Rented tuxedos unfortunately look like they’ve been rented — poor fitting and uncomfortable. They’re also not that cheap, running between 25%-50% of the purchase price of an average tuxedo. You probably also will get more use out of a tuxedo you own than you might think.

If you do end up renting, don’t dish out the extra cash for the shoe option. Just shine up a pair of your own shoes. Rental shoes fit poorly and usually look awful.

You generally can pick up the rented tuxedo 2-3 days in advance. Use that time to make sure all the buttons are on and secure, and to check for any stains, cigarette burns or other damage to the tux.

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