How To Choose An Awesome Wedding Cake

Tips For Finding The Right Wedding CakeChoosing the perfect wedding cake only takes a few simple but important steps.

A wedding isn’t complete without a cake. And why not make it an awesome cake? It’s your special day, after all, and don’t you think you deserve awesome? We do. So to help you match your wedding with a cake that’ll give you just the right amount of oomph for some serious chemistry, we’ve dug up the following tips for choosing a wedding cake.

Find A Reputable Bakery

Okay, this might sound like common sense. But how often do you actually check up on the reputation, abilities and quality of your local bakeries? Luckily, the Internet has made available to you the reviews and comments about local bakeries from people who have actually tried them. You should also be able to find photos of a baker’s cakes on its website or social media pages. Once you’re done cyber-stalking a bakery, the next step is to visit in person.

You want your first visit to be as educational as possible, so asking the following questions will help you come away with a better idea of what the bakery is capable of creating, and maybe even an image of the cake you’d like.

  • Do you customize wedding cakes or do you only provide style templates to choose from?

It’s obviously important to know if the bakery can create something unique for you, or if they have existing cake styles that resonate with you. If you already have something in mind, bring in photos or fabric swatches or other inspirations and present them to the cake artist.

  • What are the filling choices?

The type of ingredients used will make all the difference when it comes to taste, so find out what’s used in the different filling choices.

  • Is the baker licensed by the state?

It’s worth verifying that the baker is licensed by the state health department.

  • What’s the delivery process?

Some bakers will deliver your wedding cake to the reception while others may ask you to have someone pick it up the day of your event. Make sure you’re clear on how the bakery handles this. An awesome wedding cake isn’t so awesome if it never makes it to the reception.

Be Creative With The Design

You can coordinate the cake with your color scheme or with the jewels you’ll be wearing. Pearls and diamonds look good on a cake too, you know. Don’t be afraid to inject your personality and tastes into the cake. If your wedding is themed, have your cake designed to match.

Give Yourself Enough Time To Pick A Cake

Like any element of a wedding, don’t rush. Unless you enjoy the jolt of stress swelling up in your head, don’t wait last minute to plan your cake. 3 to 6 months is enough time to decide upon a cake. Try to get it designed and ordered before you hit crunch time, which are those final two months before the wedding when the storms seem to come around the most.

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