How To Find A Good Cincinnati Wedding Planner

Avoid The Bridal Breaking Point How to Hire A Cincinnati Wedding Planner

Imagine this: It’s a month before your wedding and everything seems right on track. You’ve been planning it all yourself and are really enjoying the process. But then your florist calls and finally gives you a quote on your custom arrangement that turns out to be over budget. And then the someone from the band you booked calls and says they broke up and they’re really very sorry but can’t play at your wedding. Then your fiancé decides he wants to help, after all, and gives his opinion on the catering, and the bar, and the theme — he even tells you about the vision he has for the wedding cake. And before you know it, it’s more stress than fun and you can feel yourself speeding toward your breaking point. What’s a bride to do?

Hire a professional wedding planner, of course. With all the Internet resources available today, it’s easier than ever to find a Cincinnati wedding planner. But how do you choose the one that’s right for you and your special day?

Here are 5 characteristics you want in a planner:

Understands your vision

This is obvious, but super important. A good planner will take your vision and turn it into reality. Be as detailed as possible when explaining your ideas to your planner, and don’t be afraid to ask them for specific details on how they plan to pull it off.

A good planner will be able to match your style and taste with the right vendors so that you don’t get a florist whose expertise is in designing simple arrangements when you want something extravagant.

Independent and efficient

The point of hiring a planner isn’t just to save you from stress, it’s also supposed to save you time. Find someone who can execute your without too much oversight.

The right planner will be able to create plan A, B, C, D, etc., and always be prepared for contingencies.

When interviewing potential planners, ask them about what they would do if their first options for entertainment, catering and decor don’t work out. If they seem unsure, or tell you that “You don’t have to worry about it” without being specific, look for someone else.

Understands your budget

Make your budget clear to the planner right away so they can produce the best wedding your wallet can afford. A good planner has many resources at his or her disposal and should have no problem making your dream come true on your budget.

Creating a budget and asking your planner to stick to it will save you from any last-minute surprises. And if a vendor does end up quoting an over-budget price at the last minute, a good planner will be able to tap their network and find something at a lower cost without sacrificing quality.

Good communication

This is perhaps the most important trait to look for in a wedding planner. This goes back to them clearly understanding your vision, but it doesn’t end there. If you change your mind on anything, you should be able to easily contact your planner and discuss the new details. A good planner won’t be upset with you for changing your mind — they’ll be helpful and excited to deal with the new challenge. Remember, you’re hiring them to make your vision come true.

The right planner will also be proactive in contacting you to update you on how things are coming along, make suggestions that you may not have thought of, and explain how and why changes may be made instead of just making them without your input or approval.

Removes stress, doesn’t increase it

Last but not least, find someone whose personality goes well with yours. You can figure this out during the interview and in the first couple of weeks working with them. Hiring a professional to plan what is arguably the most important day of your life should eliminate your stress, not add to it.

If you find yourself clashing with your planner or find them annoying and overbearing, find someone else (unless your personality requires working with someone who is overbearing).

You’ll know if you’ve got the right person by gauging your stress levels. If you’re still stressed out, having to do more work yourself than you planned, and doubting their suggestions, you got the wrong person.

This is your day, so don’t settle for someone who can’t create the perfect experience. If it’s not working out, kindly let them know, and move on to the next. If you’re stuck on finding the right Cincinnati wedding planner, don’t hesitate to ask us when you book your wedding limo service in Cincinnati — we can make some suggestions and recommendations.


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