How To Have the Perfect Cincinnati Homecoming

Cincinnati Homecoming Tips Cincinnati Homecoming Tips

Summer’s over and school’s back in session, and while that means getting back to the academic grind, it also means….Friday night football and the Homecoming dance! We’ve written a blog about homecoming limos for parents, so this one’s for the teens who’ll be preparing to hit the dance floor on Homecoming night. You’ll need to know things like how to book the right limousine and where to find the right dress. Luckily Cincinnati’s got plenty of resources to plan the perfect Homecoming.

Homecoming Dress Shopping

From the latest styles to the best prices, Cincinnati has some awesome dress-shopping destinations that are sure to provide you with the styles you’re looking for. Try Camilla La Vie, where all of 2013’s Homecoming trends are well-stocked and ready to be tested. The store’s site even has several pages of Homecoming dresses at its online location so can have an idea of what you want before you even visit the store.

Another great location for Homecoming dresses in the Cincinnati area is Cincy Club Dress, located in West Benson. This retro-vintage destination tracks all homecoming dresses by school so you can rest assured that one else will have your dress on Homecoming night. Aside from the confidence that comes from knowing that your dress will be yours and yours alone, Cincy Club Dress offers a large selection of designers and a guide to current Homecoming dress trends.

Book The Right Limo

Chances are that you and your friends will all be going to the Homecoming game and dance together. What better way to experience a fun, memorable night than to book a limousine? Limousines add glamour to the evening, of course, but they also contribute to your parents’ peace of mind, because mom and dad can relax knowing you’re being transported safely by a professional chauffeur. And in addition to streamlining transportation for the night and ensuring you stay safe, limousines a make excellent backdrops for photos. Consider looking into unique transportation like a stretch Charger limousine, an Escalade super stretch limo, or a limo bus for all your friends, so that you’ll really stand out among your peers.

When you bring up the subject of a Homecoming limo with your parents, have them read this blog that addresses the most frequently asked questions of booking a Homecoming limousine so your family can make the right decision together.

Make Friends With the DJ

Once you’re at the dance and mingling with your pals, be sure to become buddies with the DJ. It’s the easiest way to ensure you’ll hear the songs you like, and it’s also a good way to break the ice with that cute guy you’ve had your eye on. Ask him what he wants to hear, put in a request, and then tell him to return the favor by dancing with you. Smooth, right?

Speaking of dancing–if you want to dance, just dance. Don’t worry about what other kids will think, because chances are they’re either too busy with their own moves or too busy worrying about their own images that they won’t even notice. Besides, if you showed up in a sweet limo, you have a “Cool” badge that’ll last the whole night.

And if you don’t want to dance? Mingle, chat, and have fun! It doesn’t make you weird or boring. And if anyone says it does, that’s their own issue. Do what gives you the most fun!

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