How To Hire A Safe Limo Service In Cincinnati

Not All Cincinnati Limo Services Are Created EqualSafe wedding limo

Unsafe limos are no fun. But they’re all over the roads, serving passengers that range from children to seniors. This unfortunate fact negatively affects everybody, from the passengers to the legitimate limousine services to the unsuspecting public, who at any time might be in the vicinity of one an unsafe limo.

But chauffeured transportation is still, for the most part, one of the safest forms of travel available. The majority of companies run world-class operations and offer impeccable, unmatched levels of service. So how do you differentiate who’s safe and who’s not and choose the right limo service in Cincinnati?

Here are 5 things to investigate during your research.

1. Age of fleet vehicles

First, it’s important to know that a vehicle’s age isn’t always an issue when it’s in a limousine fleet. The luxury vehicles used by the majority of limo services can withstand the miles and years due to their superior build quality. And with the proper maintenance some cars can perform like new even after hundreds of thousands of miles with no negative impact on safety (we’ll get to maintenance next, but hang on for a little more on vehicle age).

Fleets that run newer models offer passengers more advanced safety features, smoother rides and more durable structures due to less wear and tear. But again, don’t let age fool you — newer cars that aren’t properly maintained definitely compromise ride quality and potentially safety, if certain issues are not properly dealt with.

2. Vehicle maintenance and appearance

Ask companies about their vehicle maintenance schedules and what kind of certifications their mechanics have. If they don’t have in-house mechanics, ask them where they take their vehicles for maintenance and repairs, then research the place, whether it’s an independent repair shop or dealership.

Pay attention to the quality of the exterior and cleanliness of the interior. Luxury car services should by virtue of the category to which they belong offer only the most pristine exterior and interior experience of their vehicles. Do not settle for anything less.

An older fleet of well-maintained, well-groomed vehicles can provide the same amount of safety, comfort and style as a new one.

3. Chauffeur training

No vehicle model or make will protect you from a bad driver. The reason why chauffeurs are in a class separate from other commercial transportation drivers is that they receive training in not only the art of safe, precise driving, but also the art of service. Their dedication to the best interests of the passenger makes them go above and beyond to please the passenger and ensure their safety, happiness and health.

Inquire about what kind of training a company’s chauffeurs receive and how the process works. Also see if they have any special certifications.

4. Monitoring technology

Ask you limo service if they use GPS tracking or in-vehicle cameras to monitor vehicle activity and record incidents. These technologies ensure that you receive the safest, most punctual service.

5. Insurance coverage

Chauffeured car services usually carry more insurance than taxi services, so ask the company what their policies are to see how much protection you and your party receive.

If companies don’t give you a straight answer about any of the things mentioned above, consider it a red flag. Companies that have nothing to hide will be transparent and open about their safety standards.