Insider’s Guide to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

What to Expect At The Cincy Zoo Insider's Guide to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

When you visit the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, you’re not just taking a trip there, you’re gaining an experience. The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden offers something for everyone with animal exhibits, rides and attractions.


First off, what’s a zoo without animals? The zoo has over 500 animals including fish like koi and mosquitofish, amphibians like frogs and salamander, birds like raptors and songbirds, mammals like foxes and wildcats, and reptiles like crocodiles and lizards. To further enhance your animal interaction, you can see exhibits like “Cat Canyon” featuring various wildcats breeds and “Africa”, about the African wildlife. “Africa” is emerging as the zoo’s biggest animal exhibit.

Visual Feast

The botanical garden is a visual feast that includes over 3,000 plant species. Every year, new perennials, trees and shrubs are added to the garden. The zoo is also the home of one of the hugest Annual/Trial Displays programs in the Tri-State area. Here, at least 20,000 annuals are planted, identified, photographed and recommended upon.

Group Programs

You and your friends can spend the day or the night together by participating in the zoo’s programs. Promote fitness together in “Family Zoo Yoga”, go hiking while learning about animal folklore in “Family Night Hikes” and even have an educational sleepover at the zoo in “Nocturnal Adventures.”

The rides and attractions provide as much interaction as the programs and exhibits. The zoo’s 4-D Theatrical Experience takes 3-D movie viewing one step further. Not only will you see images pop off the screen, but you’ll also feel the scenes’ elements like precipitation and wind. Are you an “Ice Age” fan? One of the rides is “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs The 4-D Experience” starring the movie’s original voice cast.

International Zoo Experience

If you enjoy visiting the zoo, why not travel with it to exotic world locations? The zoo is planning upcoming trips to Argentina, Botswana, Brazil, southern India, Kenya and Galapagos.

Naturalists will go on the trip to share their knowledge with you about these locales.
Whether it’s your first or hundredth time at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, you’ll discover that there is never a shortage of activities, education or fun. You’ll see that by the time you leave the zoo and garden, they will offer another activity that will want you to go back next time.

Safe Transportation to the Zoo

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