Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Quick and Easy Ways to Dress Up for Halloween


Halloween Costume IdeasThe end of October is coming up fast. People everywhere are suddenly filling up their calendars with last minute Halloween plans. While it’s always great to add a party with friends or family to your plans for the month, Halloween parties can come with some obstacles. You may find yourself without a costume on the one night a year where everyone around you will be dressed up. The good news is that you do not need to spend a lot of time and money in putting together an awesome costume for Halloween night.  There are plenty of fun and fabulous last minute Halloween costumes that you can throw together for your party while still impressing your friends.


Walk with the Dead


With shows like The Walking Dead bringing in huge ratings, zombies are more popular now than they ever have been. The popularity of the zombie is good news for every last minute costume creator as making a zombie costume is cheap and easy. All you need to become a walking member of the undead is some every day clothing you don’t mind getting dirty, some corn syrup and red food coloring to make some fake blood, a bit of pale makeup, and you can make yourself to be a walking corpse. A fun way to add some dimension to a last minute zombie costume is to use a uniform. For example, if you have some old sports gear you could dress as a zombie baseball player.


Transform into Superman


Another easy and fun last minute Halloween costume idea that is always a crowd pleaser is Superman. If you don’t own one already, all you need to do is head over to your local department store and purchase a superman t-shirt. Once you’ve purchased the shirt, go through your closet and take out your favorite suit and oxford shirt. Wear the t-shirt under the oxford shirt with the buttons showing. You’ll look like Clark Kent running off to save the day. Ladies, don’t feel excluded. There’s plenty of room for a Superwoman as well.


Get Inspiration from Your Own Clothes


You can also come up with plenty of costume ideas by simply looking around at the items you have in your home. A black suit and a pair of sunglasses can turn you in to an FBI agent. A flannel shirt and a pair of jeans could make you into a grunge rocker or a handy man if you have a utility belt in your garage. A fanny pack, polo shirt, and khaki pants will make you look like a tourist. Last but not least, you should rummage through any old clothes that you might have in your basement or attic. You might find some old clothes that will make you look like a blast from the past like a hippie or an 80s teeny bopper.


Have a Laugh


Lastly, if you are really crunched for time when coming up with a Halloween costume, you might want to go with an idea that is a little tongue in cheek. Last minute costumes that point a finger on your lack of planning are always a laugh. Before you head to your party you can run by a department store and pick up a name tag. All you need to do to dress as someone else is write a different name in the blank and stick it on your shirt. Another option that is funny to the tech crown would be to make a sign bearing the phrase “error 404: costume not found.” Finally, you can always find a cheap mask or hat to wear over your head.


Don’t let your lack of a costume keep you inside on Halloween night. As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can throw together a costume at the very last minute. Remember also that getting together on Halloween isn’t all about having the best costume in the room. The most important thing is gathering together with your friends and having a good time. At the end of the night, your presence is more important than your costume.




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