Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Date Night

Planning a Valentine’s, Even at the Last Minute

Cincinnati car serviceSometimes we simply put off the planning of an important event until the last minute, whether it’s buying the decorations for a loved one’s birthday party, making reservations at your significant other’s favorite restaurant, or getting a limousine or chauffeured sedan booked in time for a Valentine’s Day night out. When it comes to planning dates, especially Valentine’s Day, it can be hard to stay on top of all of the preparations, and many things can get pushed to the last minute. We’ve compiled a list of great date ideas for a last minute planner, from restaurants to activities to transportation, so your date can still be great, even if it is last minute.

How to Find Transportation

An important aspect of making any evening special is booking a chauffeured vehicle to transport you and your significant other—this is so you don’t have to worry with the responsibilities of navigation, thus dividing your attention between your date and the road. Having someone to drive you, pick you and take you home removes a major stress for many Valentine’s Day planners—you can leave the time management and navigation to someone else, and you can also consult your chauffeur for advice on last minute places to eat or see a show.

Your best bet with booking any chauffeured transportation is to generally avoid waiting to book until the last, last minute—otherwise, you may be out of luck. However, don’t fret—if the transportation company only has sedans left to rent and no limousines, book the sedan. A chauffeured vehicle is still a chauffeured vehicle, and having someone to drive you around on your special night is a treat in anyone’s mind.

Do Something Unique

A great Valentine’s Day at the last minute is entirely possible if you plan your night around an unusual activity that has little to no traditional Valentine’s Day congestion. Sure, eating at the newest and most expensive French restaurant would be a nice experience, but is the struggle to get a reservation and the long waiting list really worth it? Remember that Valentine’s Day is about your significant other and showing them what they mean to you, so taking them to an art museum or to a play at the local theatre is nice way to keep your evening intimate and personal.

If all else fails in your quest for last minute Valentine’s Day plans, consider simply having your chauffeur drive you and your date around the city. City lights never cease to be romantic, and so what if you end up having pie and coffee for dinner at a local diner. At least you won’t have to drive yourself home, and let’s be honest—the hustle of overcrowded, traditionally romantic restaurants can be a romance killer.

Perform a Grand Gesture

A great deal of romance comes from the spontaneity—from surprising your significant other with a limousine ride to singing them their favorite song at the top of your lungs while you’re on your way to the restaurant or theatre. Find time to do something unexpected and romantic—fix them breakfast in bed or buy a huge lot of their favorite flowers (not necessarily roses) and display them in a nice vase on the kitchen counter. The grand gesture is an important aspect of making Valentine’s Day special, and even if you don’t get reservations at a fancy restaurant or spend a fortune on a new necklace or a pair of cufflinks, you can still make your significant other feel cherished by doing something personal and special for them.

You can plan a fabulous Valentine’s Day, even at the last minute, if your heart is in the right place. 

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