Looking to be More Productive this Year?

6 of Our Favorite Productivity Blogs of 2015


Productivity BlogsJanuary may have come and gone, but that does not mean that it is too late to get started on a list of some resolutions to improve your life in the year 2015. Between work, school, family, and other personal commitments taking up your time, it can often feel as though you never have time to get anything done. The key to remaining productive and active in your daily life is learning how to organize your environment and manage your time. If you want to make a commitment to increasing your productivity and creativity this year, you should check out some tips written by some of the most trusted bloggers on the Internet. Reading the following blogs will help you get your home, office, and life organized so that you can dedicate as much time as possible to staying productive.



Lifehacker has quickly risen to popularity on the Internet thanks in part to its simple but extremely helpful tips about how to make daily tasks easier and less complicated. The postings on Lifehacker can provide valuable insight into the most efficient ways to use technology, study, work out, manage personal relationships, and so much more.


43 Folders

One of the biggest problems that people with many commitments face is never having enough time to dedicate to personal projects. 43 Folder is a blog that it dedicated to helping you manage your time and commitments in a way that will allow you to still have time to work on creative projects of your own. It will teach you about the importance of setting time aside to be creative and productive.


The Time Management Ninja

Another huge problem that people face is a lack of time management skills. If you do not know the proper way to schedule out your daily jobs and tasks, life can quickly become overwhelming. One very important element of staying productive is learning how manage your time. The Time Management Ninja is a blog that will teach you about utilizing the hours in your day to the best of your ability. The better you plan out your time, the more you will be able to accomplish.



For people whose livelihoods depend on coming up with and cultivating new and interesting ideas, suffering a mental block can cause some serious problems. 99U is a blog about keeping your mind creative and active so that you will be able to produce new and interesting ideas. With tips from 99U, you can get the wheels in your head turning once more so that you can be productive and successful.



Dumb Little Man

If you are feeling stuck in your professional or personal life, the problem might be that you are overthinking. Dumb Little Man is a popular blog that offers help to those who are looking for simple tips and tricks to make life easier and more efficient. By making some of the changes suggested in the blog, you can increase your productively both professional and personally. You’ll also be happy to know that many of the life changes mentioned are simple yet can make a profound difference.


I Heart Organizing

There is no bigger obstacle to productivity than disorganization. Learning how to clean and organize the space around you can create massive changes in your productivity levels. If you struggle with organization, head over to I Heart Organizing for some advice.


Now that you know some of the best spots on the Internet to help you jump start your daily productivity, there is no reason for you to feel like you are falling behind. Next time you feel like procrastinating, head to one of your favorite blogs for some inspiration. Remember, the more productive you are now, the less stressed you will be later.




Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Stuart Miles