Make the Most of Your Wedding Planner

Questions to Ask Before You Meet with Your Wedding Planner


Questions for Wedding PlannersNot everyone can plan a wedding alone. Weddings are no small affair. For most people, their wedding will be the biggest event they will ever plan in their life. You have to gather friends and family from all over the country, host hundreds of guests, choose locations, décor, attire, and so much more. The process can be seemingly endless. For adults with jobs and other commitments, it can often be completely impossible to take on the entire process by yourself. Another obstacle that people face when planning their weddings is lack of experience. After all, most people planning their weddings are planning a wedding for the first and only time. If you feel like you do not have the time or knowledge to plan the wedding that you want, it’s time to call in a wedding planner.


With the help of a wedding planner, you will be guided through the process of planning your wedding with a capable and experienced professional. However, you cannot rely on the planner for everything. Before you go into your first meeting with your wedding planner, make sure you and your partner ask yourself some important questions about your wedding.


What is Your Budget?


First and foremost, you need to settle on a budget. Meeting with a wedding planner can quickly become useless when you are not properly prepared to discuss cost. In order for your wedding planner to suggest venues, entertainment, and other important vendors, he or she will need to know how much money you are willing to spend on each aspect.


How Many People Are You Inviting?


You and your partner will also need to ask yourself about size before you meet your wedding planner. Sit down and think about your guest list and how many people need to be invited on your big day. The size of your guest list will affect every other aspect of your planning. When you know what your numbers will be, your planner will be able to quickly identify venues that will fit all the people you want to invite while staying in your budget. Your wedding planner will also have invaluable insight about how the size of your guest list might affect your budget in other areas.


What Do You Want Your Wedding to Look Like?


Lastly, before you meet with your wedding planner, you should ask yourself about the vision that you have for your wedding. While a wedding planner will help you gather and plan details, the look and feel of your wedding should stilly rely on your own personal tastes and not those of your wedding planner. Think about the colors, flowers, potential themes, and general aesthetic that you would like to see.


What Should You Bring to Your Meeting?


Once you and your partner have sat down and asked each other your preliminary questions, you need to make sure that you come to the meeting prepared. Make sure that you bring your calendar to mark down important dates. Bring a check book incase any payments need to be made. You should also look through magazines and websites for pictures that might help you convey the look and feel that you want for your wedding. Bringing a collection of pictures and clippings will help you and your wedding planner to start off on the right foot from your very first meeting.


Usually when you hire a wedding planner to help you plan your wedding, you are p investing a large amount of money into the service. The last thing you want is to show up to meet with your wedding planner and feel as through you have wasted valuable time and money. Make sure that you come prepared with both questions to ask your wedding planner, and answers for questions that you planner may ask you. The more prepared you are at the start, the more satisfaction you will get from your planner overall.



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