Packing For Summer Vacation

Smart Tips for the Traveler


summer packing tipsAfter a long cold winter and months of the everyday stresses of life piling up, you have earned your summer vacation. Yet, before you can put your feet up and soak up the sun while lounging on the sand and listening to waves crashing around you, you’re going to have to deal with one final stressor: travel arrangements. Finding plane tickets, booking hotels, and packing your bags can be a hassle, but don’t let these small inconveniences keep you from enjoying your vacation. There are plenty of ways that you can pack your bags quickly and easily so that you’ll be fully prepared for your trip while still avoiding airport hassles.


Know What You Can Bring On Your Airline


To keep your summer vacation as low stress as possible, start by packing smart. Keep in mind that packing smart does not only mean packing for every occasion. It also means packing to avoid any issues at the airport. Make sure that you weigh all of your suitcases before leaving the house to avoid any airline baggage fees. You can usually find baggage guidelines on your airline’s website. You should also make sure that you are aware of the TSA guidelines regarding what you may and may not pack in a carry on to avoid being stopped by security. Finally, one tip for easy air travel is making sure that you find a way to individually mark your baggage. Adding a colorful strip of tape, a ribbon, or a name tag will make your luggage stand out at baggage claim so that you can quickly grab your bag and be on your way.


Bring Plenty of Sunscreen


Once you know what you can’t pack, you can start thinking about what you can pack. Obviously, what you do and do not pack will have a lot to do with your destination. One of the most popular destinations for a summer get away are warm tropical beaches. If you are traveling to a location where you will be getting a lot of sun, it is not only important to bring sunglasses and sunscreen, but you should also pack sunscreen that is easy to take with you. Pack small bottles that can fit easily in a pocket or purse, that way if you don’t make it back to your hotel until late in the evening, you’ll be set all day.


Choosing What Clothes to Bring


Packing clothes can be difficult, especially for those who consider themselves fashionistas. The key to packing for every fashionable occasion is to pack simple and wear layers. Take a few classic looking pieces that can be worn either for daytime or nighttime occasions. A cotton dress, for example, could be worn by itself over a swim suit as a casual beachy sundress or dressed up with a nice cardigan and a pair of heels. You’ll have an outfit for two occasions while taking up half of the suitcase space.


Packing Other Essentials


Once you’ve packed your clothes, it’s time to start thinking about other essentials. Packing toiletries and other personal items can add up to some serious space in your suitcase. Keep in mind that you only need to pack the essentials, and anything you choose to leave at home can always be purchased at your destination. You can also save space by consolidating your technology. These days, you don’t need to pack a camera, a phone, a computer, and a portable music device. You can save space by leaving the camera and the laptop at home and simply relying on your phone or tablet. Smartphones and tablets will provide you with all the technology you need and take a fraction of the space.


When you start packing for your summer getaway, its best to get a checklist to make sure that you bring everything you’ll need. However, don’t forget that you can always replace lost or forgotten items when you arrive. Once you are packed and ready to go, you can finally enjoy that break that you’ve been aching for.




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