Planning Your Fall Wedding Car Services

Booking Professional Transportation on Your Wedding day


Fall Wedding TransportationThe fall season is fast approaching. As every day passes we are getting closer and closer to the end of the summer. Soon, the temperatures will start to drop and the leaves will start to turn color. For those who are planning big fall weddings, it is starting to become crunch time for last minute planning. Hopefully, most of your details are set in stone, but there may be a few loose ends that you need to tie up before your plans are complete. For example, if you have not given any thought about your transportation for your big day, you might want to start looking into your options and booking some cars.



Be Escorted to Your Ceremony


The very first matter you should think about when you are planning your wedding transportation is how you are going to arrive at your venue. In this day and age, many engaged couples live together. However, it is tradition for the bride and groom to arrive at the venue separately. You can solve this problem by booking two separate cars to pick you and your fiancé up separately after you say your goodbyes in the morning. You can also arrange to have cars pick you up from separate locations should you choose to spend the night before your wedding at two different locations. Hiring a professional driver to take you to your venue will not only make the pre-wedding separation flow a little more smoothly, it will also ensure that you and your fiancé both arrive to the destination on time. It goes without saying that punctuality on your wedding day is of the utmost importance.


Hire Transport for Your Wedding Party


Once you have settled on how you are going to arrive at your venue, you also need to think about how you are going to leave. The first thing to consider is the location and time of your wedding reception. If your reception is taking place at a separate venue, you might want to book transportation that will bring you and your entire wedding party to the ceremony together. An ideal vehicle for transporting a small group like a wedding party is a stretch limo. A limo is both elegant and large, highlighting the formality of your event while providing plenty of room to comfortably fit your loved ones.


Another option for post-ceremony transportation is a party bus. Party buses are ideal for situations where your reception is going to be held at a separate venue and at a much later time in the day. When you have to wait a few hours between your ceremony and your reception, you have some time to kill. However, on a day like your wedding, it’s perfectly natural to want to begin celebrating the moment after you say ‘I do.’ In a party bus, you and your wedding party can start the party as soon as you leave the ceremony, stopping off at some bars and other fun locations until it finally comes time to meet up with the rest of your guests at your reception.


Don’t Forget Your Guests


Lastly, you may want to consider some transportation options for your guests. Some friends and family may have traveled from out of town and do not have easy access to cars and other transport. One way you can make sure they get to your ceremony or your reception is to hire a shuttle service to carry guests from a selected hotel to the wedding and back. This helps people to not get lost and provides a safe transport for those who may have enjoyed the open bar a little too much.


Booking professional transportation for your fall wedding will take a huge weight off your shoulders. With so much going on around you on the day of your wedding, the more responsibilities you can pass on to others, the more you will be able to relax and enjoy your day. Let the professionals handle driving you and your friends and family so that you can focus on making your day as special and wonderful as possible. 







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