Planning Your Next Night Out

Ways You can Have Fun in a Limo


Fun in a LimoAre you planning a big celebration and running short on fun and interesting ideas? For special occasions in life, getting a group of friends and family together to have a good time is an absolute must. However, you may get tired of having the same old tired house party time after time. You can spice things up a bit for your next gathering by breaking out of the house and hitting the town. One perfect party plan is to hire a limo to escort you and your group around the city. Simply being in a limousine adds a touch of fun and whimsy to the evening and when you add a list of fantastic landmarks to hit, you and your friends will surely have an excellent evening.


Bring the Party in the Car


When you are planning a limo party, the very first thing to do is think about how you can have a good time in the limo itself. The truly fun thing about renting a limo is that you can fit a large amount of people in one car. Simply having all your friends together for the ride around town is fun enough, but by planning ahead, you can add even more fun to your limo party. Keep in mind that when you rent a limo, you are in charge of your music selection and can control the music from the back of the vehicle. Pull some heads together to come up with the perfect party playlist for your evening.


You’ll also want to come up with a drink menu. Since no one in your party will actually have to do any driving, you can all enjoy a few drinks while you are on the road. Most limos come equipped with built in coolers to store ice and drinks. Some even have glasses for you and your friends to use while you’re traveling. Popping open a bottle of champagne is always an excellent way to celebrate a special occasion. You could even think a little outside the box and premix some margaritas, sangria, or other fun and fruity mixed drinks. Delicious drinks in combination with a fun filled playlist and the colorful lights lining a limo floor, your limo party can feel like a nightclub on wheels.


Visit Your Favorite City Spots


It’s not enough to simply plan a fun way to enjoy your time on the road. You also need to figure out where your limo is taking you. Barhopping is always a popular way to pass the evening as you do not have to worry about drinking too much and driving home. You can hit a few of your favorite spots in the city and dance the night away. However, you also might want to think outside the box. A limo can take you to any location. Instead of spending another night hitting the bars, maybe you can check out other locations. Visit some city landmarks, head to festivals, concerts, or maybe just enjoy a scenic drive through the country.


To build some fun into your limo journey, you can arrange a scavenger hunt. Make a list of places, people, and things you want to find in the city and have your driver escort you and your friends on your search for the most interesting places your city has to offer. It’s an excellent way to get out and see new places as well as meet new people. If you party is too large to even fit in one limo, you can rent two limos and have competing teams. Whichever team comes up with the most items on the scavenger hunt wins.


Next time you have to plan a big party, don’t settle for a simple small celebration inside your house. House parties can die out quickly and they leave your home in a mess at the end of the night. Instead, rent a limo and get out on the town for a night of friendly fun.


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