Planning Your Wedding

Choosing Colors for Fall


fall wedding colorsWhen planning your wedding, your options are endless. You have probably noticed while flipping through bridal magazines and Internet searches that there are millions of choices for you to make when it comes to assembling your dresses and décor. Sometimes, the resources designed to help you make choices can actually overwhelm you. The next time you feel oversaturated with options, it might be time to put the magazines away and close your browser windows. Sometimes, you need to take a step away from searches and make big decisions on your own. For example, when you choose a color scheme for your wedding before you start searching for ideas, it will significantly narrow your options. Narrowing your options in such a way can help you from becoming overwhelmed and get you on a straight path in the right direction.


Narrow Down Your Search By Choosing a Color Scheme First


Choosing a color scheme is one of the biggest choices that you will make during your planning process. So many other details revolve around the colors that you choose. Once you have selected a color scheme that you love, you will be able to find flowers, dresses, table décor, invitations, and so many other small details that fit into your color selection. Since color can affect so many of the choices that you make, it definitely needs to be one of the very first choices that you make.


When thinking about which colors you want to use for your wedding, you need to take into consideration the season in which your wedding will take place. It is important that the colors that you choose for your dresses and décor will blend in with the nature around you. After all, you will most likely be going outside to take pictures before and after your ceremony, so you will want the colors that your bridal party is wearing to compliment the outdoors.


Match Your Colors to The Season


One of the most popular seasons for weddings is autumn. The fall season is known for the gorgeous and rich colors of changing leaves. Incorporating the reds, burnt oranges, browns, and yellows associated with fall into your wedding color scheme can make for some truly beautiful décor. Dressing your bridesmaids in a rich burnt orange will be flattering on all skin tones as well as blend in beautifully with the nature around you. Other dress colors to consider are light wheat brown, pale yellow, or even navy blue.


Navy blue is actually an excellent accent color for a fall wedding. The blue provides a lovely contrast to all of the oranges associated with autumn, making the colors in your pictures pop. If you don’t choose blue for your dresses, you can add little touches of blue to your bouquets and table settings to get the pop that you are looking for. For example, you can use a navy blue ribbon to tie your bouquets.


Selecting your colors will also help you select many of the other details of your wedding. Flowers, for example, can be a hard choice to make in many circumstances. However, when you limit your colors to oranges, yellows, and reds, it becomes easier to select your flowers as well. There are only a handful of flower types that will naturally fit into your color scheme. Daisies, mums, sunflowers, roses, and tiger lilies are some of the flowers you can consider.


Whatever colors you choose for your wedding, make sure that they are colors that you genuinely love. You want to look back on your pictures years down the line and be just as happy with your choices in the future as you are today. Choosing neutral colors that will blend in with the scenery around you will always look beautiful and tasteful.






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