Show Your Guests a Fun Time

Places to Visit in Cincinnati


Cincinnati VisitorsDo you have friends or family traveling into the Cincinnati area soon? If you do, you might want to start planning out your time. When family and friends come to visit, its likely that they are mostly interested in seeing and pending time with you. However, that doesn’t mean that you should sit around your home and not go out for a little bit of fun while they are in town. Having visitors is the perfect excuse for you to get out and show the city off. It might even be an excuse for you to get out and see some of the Cincinnati sights that as a native you have been remiss in seeing. There is plenty of fun and interesting ways for you give your visitors a fun filled time in Cincinnati.


Going to the Ballgame


One trip that is a certain success is a trip to the ballpark. With football season starting off, treat your guests to a game at Paul Brown Stadium. Even if they are not fans of the Cincinnati Bengals, going to see a live sporting event is still a fun way to bond and spend an evening in the city. Tickets for a football game are very reasonably priced depending on where you plan to sit. You can also save a little bit of money by avoiding stadium food and having a nice dinner in the city before the game begins.


Enjoy Some Fresh Air


It is also the perfect time of year to spend a day outside. With the summer heat starting to fade into fall, you don’t have to worry about it being too hot to enjoy a day outdoors. If you have children or animal lovers in your group, you will definitely need to take a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. The park is not only home to dozens of exotic animals, but it is also known for its gorgeous and extensive Botanical garden. Taking a stroll through the gardens and the zoo and stopping for a picnic lunch is a perfect way to spend the day.


Visit Museums


You also may want to check out some of the wonderful historical museums in your area.

Cincinnati is the hometown of President William Howard Taft. To learn more about the history surrounding President Taft and the impact that he had on our nation, you can visit the William Howard Taft National Historic Site. You can also take a trip over to the Taft Museum of Art which displays many prominent paintings that were once owned by the Taft Family. Also in Cincinnati is the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, a museum dedicated to documenting the history of the Underground Railroad and the personal stories of many of the people who escaped slavery and persecution through its channels.


If the people in your group prefer art to history, you will be happy to know that Cincinnati is also home to some wonderful art museums. Once you’ve visited the Taft Museum, you can further your artistic journey by looking through the displays at the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Contemporary Arts Center. Another fun filled museum destination in Cincy is the American Sign Museum, full of street signs, restaurant signs, and other Americana. 


When you are having guests traveling to see you from out of town, do not leave them hanging. It is up to you to make sure that they have a fun time while they are visiting your beloved city. There are so many wonderful locations in downtown Cincinnati; you should have no problem finding plenty of fantastic things to do. With a little bit of research you and your friends or family can enjoy some of the best sights, food, and activities Cincinnati has to offer. You can make this a trip that they will be dying to make again.





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