Spring Cleaning Your House in a Half Hour

Quick & Easy Ways to Tackle the Clutter


spring cleaning Spring is in the air! Now that all the clouds have parted and the sun has come out, you can finally open up your windows and let in the rays. The entrance of the sun’s natural light can brighten your home and your mood. However, it can also draw attention to millions of a little dust mites that you didn’t even know were floating around, meaning that it is time, once again, for spring-cleaning. Everyone wants a neat and clean home. The problem is that not everyone has time to give his or her home the thorough cleaning that it really needs. For the homeowner on the move there are a lot of tips and tricks that will help you get your home ready for spring without dedicating days on end to completing the task.


Take it One Step at a Time


It’s important to remember that Spring Cleaning does not all have to take place in the spring season. Many people feel that thoroughly cleaning the house is a project that has to be taken on all at once. However, you can save a lot of time and energy by dividing up areas and doing little pieces at a time. Instead of cleaning a whole room from top to bottom at once, dedicate thirty minutes a day to special areas in the room. For example, start off by cleaning the blinds, and the next day move onto organizing shelves or cabinets, and the next day clean and scrub the floors.


Focus on Problem Areas


Another way to cut back on your spring-cleaning time is to focus on your problem areas. When you are cleaning your carpets, for example, you shouldn’t have to spend time shampooing every single inch. Instead, head to the areas with the most traffic and focus there. You can scrub off stains and marks from the widely used carpets and simply vacuum all the rest. When cleaning carpets and rugs, also keep in mind that you do not need to get on your hands and knees and scrub all of your area rugs. Some of them can be cleaned quickly and easily by throwing them in the laundry machine.


Washing Windows


Washing windows is a task that can take ages to complete if you don’t know how to cut down on time. One reason why windows can take so long is because of all the individual screens that need to be removed and washed along with the glass. Don’t spend hour’s hand washing every single screen. Instead, take them outside to your driveway and simply hose them all down. Throw a little bit of soap on the screen to build a lather and you can have almost every single window screen in your home cleaned in a matter of minutes. Then all you need to do is leave them out in the warm sun to dry.


Cleaning Your Bed


Another big job for every spring-cleaner is the bed. Once a year you really need to move the bed grab all the socks, trash, and other materials that have fallen underneath, and start cleaning. You should also wash all of your sheets and even your mattress. Cleaning your mattress doesn’t need to take long at all. While you throw all your blankets and comforters in the washing machine, simply sprinkle a bit of baking soda on to the top of the mattress. It will soak up dirt and odors and leave the mattress smelling fresh.


You don’t have to give up having a clean and tidy home simply because you have a demanding life. Even the busiest among us can do so quick and easy spring-cleaning. It’s all about prioritizing what needs to be done, taking it one step at a time, and learning how you can speed up some of the most important tasks that you want to do.





Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/stockimages