Spring Events for Cincinnati Car Service

4 Spring Events When You’ll Need Car Service

cincinnati limousine eventsSpringtime brings many things: greenery, flowers, and perhaps a fierce round of house-cleaning. Springtime is also the time for celebrations. Winter is over, warmer weather is on its way, and people everywhere are planning events, weddings, and celebrations. Whether it’s for graduations, weddings, proms or spring formals, there are some instances when you’ll need to book car service to make your event what it should be. We’ve got the details on a few of them.


Spring is a popular time for weddings. Not only is the weather agreeable, but it might actually be cheaper to get married in spring than summer. Why? Summer is the overwhelming favorite season for weddings, and vendors and venues will be charging premium prices to make the most of the rush.

Similarly, booking transportation during springtime might be more affordable as well. Car services aren’t bombarded by bookings for numerous weddings like they are during the summer. So, finding the right vehicles and getting them locked down for your big day should be less of a headache in the spring.

Remember to book in plenty of time, though. Your limousines are a vital part of your wedding festivities, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve already secured them is invaluable. Especially amidst the craziness of wedding planning.


Whether it’s for high school, college, or graduate school, graduation marks a very important time for students. It’s the moment when all of their hard work, sleepless nights, anxiety and stress will begin to pay off.

Booking a car service to help celebrate this milestone is one of the most thoughtful and useful gifts you can give a graduate. Not only will you get to host an awesome excursion out on the town, you also won’t have to worry about driving everyone home afterward. You’ll be able enjoy yourself to the fullest and know you’ll be safe and sound once the night comes to an end.


Like graduation, prom is a pivotal point in the life of high-schooler. Finding the perfect date, dress, and restaurant is a large chunk of planning the best prom night possible. However, chauffeured transportation should be in your teen’s plans, too. Limousines provide teens with the luxury and flashiness that prom demands. They can bring a large party of friends in one vehicle, play their music loudly, and take as many pictures as their be-sequined hearts desire.

For parents, booking a limo is more about safety. You’ll have valuable peace of mind knowing your children are being driven by a professional. Prom night is traditionally one of the most dangerous nights of the year for teenagers, and having a limousine to keep your kids safe and sound is an investment that everyone can believe in.

Spring Formals

For college students, the spring formal is the one night of the year they’ve been waiting for since the fall semester began. Spring formals give college students a chance to shed some of the stress they’ve been carrying all semester and really enjoy themselves. Finding a great dress, getting dolled up, and heading out for a night of cocktails and dancing is the perfect way to close up another hard but fruitful year in college.

Because most college students at the spring formal will be drinking, having a car service to get them home safely is vital to having the best evening possible. It  gives students a way to look out for themselves and each other.

Whatever the spring event, booking car service can improve any evening on the town or long-awaited celebration.

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