Staying Safe After Prom in Cincinnati

Best After-Prom Party Ideas for the Queen City

Cincinnati prom limousineProm season is fast approaching, and anxious parents everywhere will be scrambling to ensure that their  kids have a safe place to continue their prom revelry when the dance has ended. Doing this doesn’t just involve the place they go after the dance, though. You also need to think about how they’ll get there. Here’s why booking a limousine is a great idea for after the prom, not just before it, and what you can do to make sure your teen’s evening is safe and fun.

Book Dependable Chauffeured Transportation

The first step to ensuring that your kids are well-taken care of on their prom night is to book a chauffeured limousine with a company that you trust. Begin by confirming that they are accredited by the right organizations. Check to make sure that the transportation company you choose is a member of the National Limousine Association. The NLA is a conglomerate of the best limousine companies. These businesses are dedicated to providing exemplary service, and they’re held to higher standards than non-member companies.

It is also good for your chosen company to be a member of the Better Business Bureau, which gives consumers peace of mind. Every BBB member has met the organization’s requirements for honesty in its business practices.

Another benefit of booking chauffeured transportation? Your children will be transported by a Chauffeur. They’ll be in the hands of someone with years of driving experience. Knowing this will be a huge relief for you, since after-prom driving is notorious for being dangerous.

Also keep in mind the timeframe for booking. Prom season is one of the most popular times for limousines, so the earlier you book, the better your chances of getting the vehicle that you and your kids want.

Sponsoring an After-Prom Party

Some high schools don’t sponsor an after-prom destination for their students, which puts the responsibility of organizing a party on the parents. There are several options for holding a safe after-prom party for your kids and their friends. Form a committee and get other parents involved. Have fundraisers to raise money. Find a good venue for your kids to go when prom is over.

Remember that power is in numbers. Getting as many parents involved in the after-prom event as possible will save you more money and give your kids more options. Research venues that are available for rent and see if they would be willing to donate their venue for a few hours after prom. Be sure that the one you choose knows the donation is for a good cause. Tell the staff that it won’t be asked to do any extra work. A movie screen, refreshments, and a game center are a few ideas for activities for your post-prom party.

Whatever you decide to do for your kids after prom, remember that the road is not a safe place for them when prom is over. Make sure they have dependable chauffeured transportation and a safe place to continue the fun when the dance has ended. 

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