Staying Safe on St. Patrick’s Day

Cincinnati Sedan Service Makes Celebrating Safer

Cincinnati Sedan Service, Cincinnati Limo, Cincinnatti Limousine, Cincinnati St. Patty's Day, cincinnati st. patricks day, pub crawl sedan serviceSt. Patrick’s Day is a notorious holiday for fun and revelry, and Cincinnati is a great city for Irish celebrations. If you’re planning a night on the town with your friends or colleagues, your safety should be at the forefront of your mind. If you haven’t yet considered how you’ll get home from your night of enjoyment, take some of these suggestions to heart. We want to know you’ll be safe, whether you plan to walk or use Cincinnati sedan service.

Close to Home

If you’re planning to let your hair down on the big night, consider the pubs near your home. Bars within walking distance mean you won’t need to get behind the wheel to get home when the evening is over. By leaving your car at home, you won’t even be tempted to drive when you leave the bar.

Before you decide to hoof it, remember others might not be so responsible. If you’re walking from the pubs to your home, you’ll be at the mercy of every other driver on the road. If others haven’t taken their safety into consideration, you can be sure your safety isn’t in their minds either. Plan a route that will give you plenty of room to get out of the way of errant drivers, and always walk in groups rather than on your own.

Public Transportation

Taking the bus is a cost-efficient option, and it also helps the environment by keeping so many other cars off the street. If you plan to visit pubs on a bus line, you can even pub hop with your friends and never get behind the wheel of a car. Just be sure you have a bus schedule with the late-night stops, and make sure you let the driver know where you’re going. Otherwise, you could end up on the bus at the end of the line with no idea how to get home.

Remember, too, that a night of drinking and fun can lead to dangerous situations. Don’t try to take public transportation alone on a night like St. Patrick’s Day. There is safety in numbers, and a group is less likely to experience an attack or theft than an individual.

Designated Driver

If you have someone in your party willing to abstain for the evening, a designated driver is a safe option. You can all spend time together having fun in various Cincinnati pubs and still get home after. Just remember a designated driver has to sit with everyone in the party for the evening and watch the fun going on around. If your driver doesn’t have a strong will, the ride-home option could disappear sometime during the evening.

Again, if you’re planning to be on the roads after the revelry, you’re always at the mercy of other drivers. Make sure your designated driver is alert and ready for any possibility. Even tired driving is dangerous and could lead to devastating accidents.

Cincinnati Sedan Service

Your best option every time is Cincinnati sedan service. You and your friends could chip in for an evening of fun and true Irish culture, and the cost of the sedan or limousine won’t seem so high. When weighed against your lives, you’ll likely find it downright cheap. The best part is, your driver will bring along a vehicle that fits your group’s needs, from size to cost.

If you want to do a pub crawl, just give your driver the addresses at the beginning of the evening. Then you can all sit back and just enjoy the evening while your Chauffeur does all the work for you. Most importantly, you’ll all end up home safely with only good memories of your St. Patrick’s Day fun.

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